You Are The World

You Are The World
Written by: J. Krishnamurti
Number of pages: 150
Publishing Company: Harper and Row
Copyright 1972 by Krishnamurti Foundation
This book is about 12 different talks at various universities. Krishnamurti explains to students ways to give attention to themselves so they can become their own teacher as well as their own disciple leading toward self mastery. He uses psychological terms to explain different states of attention. And quotes various religious sayings to answer questions asked by students, like how to handle various situations. Krishna explains his philosophy that when you look onto situations without influencing, meaning without thinking then you begin to see life unfolding natural and perfectly and even your own thoughts when recognized and nothing else mirror your true self. And using this system will allow you to be at ease and resolve conflict.

Krishnamurti has been speaking for four decades about how to empty the mind by meditation with formulated question asking resulting in revolution and transformation of the human being. I learned being your own teacher is a freedom for anybody and that the teacher has to remember to go as the disciple to fully learn what is at hand that makes an excellent teacher. Krishna influences each student by challenging them to look onto life with different perspectives and to exercise their free will which allows them to be at ease on their path.

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Krishnamurti shows great strength in his book by answering any and all questions and explaining what is learned is learned as the disciple the teacher is the example. This book is ideal for all young people today very realistic down to earth philosophy on how to resolve conflict and gain more contentment in life. My personal reaction is to want to ask Krishnamurti questions myself and to implement his philosophy of how to empty your mind from the known so that it is not bound by authority of any kind.Words
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