Yi Wang

ASAM 100
Essay #1
Better Life with Cooking
Girls in today’s world have most of the same rights as boys, include
have the right to skip cooking. Restaurants are everywhere, range wildly
on both price and style.We love to eat, but we now can leave the cooking
process to the experts. However, I still love to cook. It became a hobby
of mine since I was very little, not just as a single purpose just for eat.

Whenever I cook, I feel emotionally relaxed.I deeply believe that
cooking is not just a process towards fill our stomach, but rather as a way
to a better and healthy life, and share the love with the people I love.

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I started “cooking” when I just entered pre-school. It was not real,
but a game called “cooking”. It was a lot like the Barbie game, except I
was playing with the toy stove, pots, pans, spoons, and chopsticks.I
would have all different colored paper to mix and stir in the pot, and then
got a well decorated dish. I was only a kid at that time.this made me
happy to see all my creations, and also made feel better about myself. I
also practiced organizing things at the same time.The toy stove had a
little draw on the bottom. Since I had a lot piece of kitchenware, I had
to well range the space to fit all my pots and silverwares in the draw.It
made me so happy after I squeeze in all the items.

Later on, I started really cook under my Mom’s instruction. She was a
great cook. Even after almost twenty years eat from what she cooked, I
still love whatever she cooks. She taught me how to cook instead of what
to cook. It was so much fun to learn cook with her. There were no rules
that I had to follow. She told me that cook is when I can gather anything
I have and make food delicious from three ways: color, smell, and taste.

Not that I am in another country and don’t get to live with my mom, I still
remember when she and I were cooking together. Every time I feel down or
lost interest and patient on things, I would go cooking. When the oil heat
up in my pen and having the sizzling sound, I would feel every bad thing is
melting away. I would remain myself that I can still make something for
myself, so I have the ability to survive.I sure can take my favorite
plate out and put some colorful vegetable on the side.When it’s ready,
the color, the smell, they let me feel the gratefulness of the world.

Cooking is one of the activities that I want kill sometime in my free
time. I don’t always make good food. Sometimes, it could be not fully
cooked, too salty, too sweet, too dry, too moist, and maybe over cooked.

It has always been fun to try out. It’s a different lab than those I do in
school. Also, there are so many different styles of cooking out there.I
love watching cooking shows, then DIY all different food.When I am in
California now, I learned to make Mexican food, Italian food,and
American’s favorite, sweet treats. Food cultural is from one perspective
from a nation.From learning other countries food, Istartedto
emotionally close to those ethnic groups of people.

Cooking has been let me making a lot friends and maintaining friendship
as well. I can still remember, right before I left my home town to
studying in the U.S., milk tea was really popular in China, all little tea
shops are selling those. On my goodbye party, with all my friends, I
finally figured out how to make the tea, and got all the ingredients which
could not normally get in the grocery store. My friends were actually got
very surprised that I could make the tea. It was not that often that I got
to make some food, because mostly my Mom got all the food and preparations.

Cooking gets more important when I live on my own in the U.S.Sometimes,
just gathering friends together, and cook our own food adds our simple
school little spice. Exchange our recipes; share the food we make that
characterized from different regions of the china, and other country.

When I am cooking, I feel like make a piece of love, it is to be shared
with all my friends, and maybe one day the special one. It does not mean I
want to be a house wife and specialized in cooking, but whenever I think
about cook for my other half in the future, I always feel that I have grown
up into a woman, just like my Mom. I feel like I have the power to take
care of myself and also some other people around me.

Cooking can rather be an art too. Something that I have to crate on my
own, it’s a legacy from my mom that cook only gets more fun when we try to
make new things out. Very ofter, “pure blooded” regional food could be
very classy, like what I used for the word “pure”, nothing add than
whatever people did for hundred years. It falls into the art category when
I mix them up and crate some kind of “east meet west” style food.I did
use my home town, which is in the east Asia, recipe to marinate turkey and
use the U.S. traditional way to roast it on thanks giving.When I feel
like it, I would make couple entre and enjoy them myself with a cup of
wine. I could still be living in a small apartment, with old, little sofa.

But I could live my life up when I forget about what is around me but
enjoy what I did for my self.

For me, cooking is not only a hobby, I started young to know cooking,
recognize different functions that cooking have such as making connections
with parents, gathering friends, distress working or studying pressure and
so on. It has integrated as one kind of arts, in deed.Anyways are good
ways to cook, I follow the hart of my own to make food. It makes have no
worry and no fear.


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