Writing Environment

Writing Environment
My room is my own little world to dream and write what I feel and what I know about the world. The way it’s set up, it’s like to let anybody get inspired in their writing here in my room. Most of my things in my room are here to help me with my writing, and have all the tools needed to write a good paper. I also use my room to hang out and have fun when my friends come over. My writing environment is set up to help me get inspired.

My room is set up to accommodate my writing. When somebody walks into my room the first thing they will see is a sign on the door that’s black and white, it says authorized personnel only, ask Elmer First or die, I printed it on my computer. The sign is there to keep unwanted people out, mostly my family. When people come in my room the thing they notice the most are the colors of my room, which are black, gray and white. The gray is a stripe about five inches wide around my room in the middle, the black is on the bottom from the gray, and the white is on the top.
On the wall were the door is located, my closet is next to it, in between the closet and the door I have a poster of Jim Morrison and on my door from the inside I have a black and white hangers where I put my towel and my hats. On the next wall I have my desk right underneath a small window that’s high on the wall. On one side of this window I have a picture of James Dean and on the other side a poster black and white with the Jack Daniel’s logo. Right underneath
Brambila 2
I have my 27” TV, which sits on a black TV stand were I also have magazines, movies, books, cd’s and my VCR, right next to my desk. On my desk I have a telephone, alarm
clock, paper, computer software, a computer and a picture frame with no picture yet, which is black and gray. On the other wall I have a bigger window and on the sides of this window I have a poster of Jim Morrison with a poem called “Rock is not dead”, and on the other side a poster of The Beatles with all the covers of the records they released, and the date they released it. Underneath this window sits my drawers were I put my t-shirts, my underwear and my shorts, I also use it to eat or put stuff on top, it has little wheels so its easy to move around.
On the other wall I have another poster of The Beatles on that one they’re standing next to a burned car, the poster is black and white. Underneath this poster is my bed that’s black and white with gray covers most of the time. This bed folds into a sofa facing the desk and the TV. Know that you have a complete description of my room, I should tell you that the most important place for my writing is my desk, were I have my computer software, pencils, paper and all the material needed to write. My desk is big, with all the space needed to write comfortably and put all the paper and books needed to write a research paper. When I sit on my desk, I sit to write, talk on the phone, play games on the computer and do all my homework.

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The advantage of my writing environment is that I love it, I put so much heart and effort to make my room the way it is. I would call it a good thing because I write in a place that I love. It’s always good to be in a comfortable place, to be able to write and get inspired by what surrounds you. I have Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney,
Brambila 3
George Harrison and Ringo Starr on my walls there all writers; it’s an advantage because I like there work and admire them as writers. The computer is a strong advantage too, because that’s where I write every paper needed for my classes.

The disadvantages of my room or my writing environment are that I have too many electrical appliances in my room. The worst of them all is the TV, when I know there is a good show on, I stop doing my work just to watch TV. The alarm clock also because it has a cd player, I don’t know why but I like to listen to music while I write, I know is not a good thing, but I still do it. The telephone also it interrupts me when it rings, sometimes while I am writing. The worst interruption of them all is my family, there loud or they want something from me so they nock on my door.

Overall, I love my writing environment; even with all the interruptions and temptations I wont go to a library. I manage to do my homework, reading and writing just great in my room, so why go somewhere else if I have everything that I need here in my room. It might not be the right setting for my writing because of the temptations that surround me, and the noise but I am the one that must deal with them leaning to block all that bad stuff away. Inspiration is what I put into this room that’s why is my writing environment.

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