World War Ii How America Came To War

.. named Kaya. Another leader, Negano responded, The time for war will not come later. And there it was the Japanese planned to attack Pearl Harbor. Because of the Japanese aggression towards China, the US sided with China. The Japanese were very cruel to the people in the places the Japanese attacked.

The Japanese brutality really upset the American public. The US then helped to supply China. Once again America sided with weak opposed to the strong. Before America entered the war, they found out about Germanys plans to invade South America in Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Germany also planned to attack the Panama Canal, which is very important for American sea-trade and for ships to get from coast to coast.

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If these plans were true, the US had to put an end to them then, so that Hitler did not attack America. Germany was the most aggressive and powerful country among the Axis. Their blitzkrieg attacks and strong military helped to capture many countries. In 1935 Hitler proclaimed German rearmament, which was against the Versailles Treaty, and he also nullified the restrictive military clauses of the treaty. This caused other countries disturbance, but they were all busy with their own affairsgetting through the Great Depression.

There are two worlds that stand opposed to each other, Hitler claimed. He means that other forms of government and Nazism could not stand together, only one could stand, and that was the Nazi Party. Congress passed many neutrality acts on trading with warring countries. But gradually as people began to follow FDRs thinking of pro-war because of what the Axis has done, the neutrality acts were changed and repealed. After the fall of France to Germany, almost everyone in the United States swayed to pro-war from isolationism. FDR thought England would be next.

If England went, the US would have no base to land at when attacking Germany. Therefore, America had to protect England. Britain in fact was almost defeated according to American ambassador to Britain, Joseph Kennedy. The blitzkrieg air attacks on British buildings were tremendous and the morale of Britain was even worse. Roosevelt said: Suppose my neighbors home catches on fire, and I have a length of a garden hose four or five hundred feet away. If he can take my garden hose and connect it up with his hydrant, I may help him put out the fire Roosevelt then went on to say in his press conference on December 17, 1940 that you ask for the garden hose back, not the cost of it.

This explains Roosevelts reasoning in helping Americas friends. Once most of the neutrality acts were repealed, the US was free to trade as much as they pleased with their Allies. The lend-lease act let the US loan money, food and weapons to the Allies. The US became the Arsenal of Democracy. The US had to provide war products to the allied countries.

If Great Britain goes down, the Axis Powers will control the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and the seas, Roosevelt said in his speech committing to the total US support of the Allies. The US ran into more problems when providing for the allies. The German and some Italian U-boats were attacking American ships bound for mainly England. On January 30, 1941 the Germans announced that any ships supplying the Allies would be torpedoed. So many American ships were sunk that America had to send vessels to escort the merchant ships. A vessel called the Robin Moor was shot by German U-boats in the Atlantic on May 21, 1941. Eleven US sailors died on the USS Kearney on October 17, 1941.

115 sailors were lost on the Reuben James. Because of all the attacks on US ships in the Atlantic, Roosevelt ordered vessels to shoot-on-sight on German ships or subs. This undeclared naval battle mainly between the US and Germany brought America very close to war. All the US needed to enter the war was an attack directly on American soil. On December 7, 1941 at 7:55AM Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan with 94 ships in the harbor.

Pearl Harbor was on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu near the city of Honolulu. Almost 400 US aircrafts were lost, over 2,400 people were killed, and much of the US Pacific naval fleet was destroyed. Many battleships were lost along with a few aircraft carriers. The Japanese had declared war on the United States. The US then declared war on Japan, and then Italy and Germany of the Axis declared war on the US.

After Pearl harbor was bombed, the American people felt a lot of hatred towards the Japanese. Patriotic Americans were all ready to go to war. Feelings towards War before Pearl Harbor The general public of the US disliked the Axis even before Pearl Harbor was bombed. They did not like the Axiss non-democratic governments of dictators. The public did not like the aggressiveness of the Axis because they were attacking Americas allies.

Most Americans before the war began were interested in their own problems, namely the Great Depression. They thought that the war did not have that much to do with America. The majority of Americans wanted to make it through the Depression, not make lives worse for themselves by getting involved in a war on another continent. Fortunately entering the war brought the US out of the Depression. Before Pearl Harbor was bombed President Roosevelt was trying to convince the country to become less isolationist.

FDR did this by launching a propaganda campaign to persuade Americans to believe that issues in Europe affected Americans also. Roosevelt thought that war with the Axis was inevitable for America. He believed that worsening of the economy in Europe would affect the US after the war: No realistic American can expect from a dictators peace international generosity or return of true independence or world disarmament or freedom of expression or freedom of religionor even good business, Roosevelt said. A dictators peace would bring no security for the US or any country and all the countries in the Axis were under a dictatorship. Roosevelt tried as hard as he could to convince people to go to war before Pearl Harbor.

Prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, FDR got the country prepared for wartime again by building more equipment for the US and building up the military. The US was ready to go to war. US Reactions towards Provocation As the United States did not want to go to war, we had to respond to the provocation of the Axis somehow. The US cut off trade with Japan and tried to reach some sort of agreement but could not. America sent army boats to protect Americans in China. Numerous Americans thought that the Axis had to be stopped before they could engulf the world.

FDR thought the only way to win peace was by fighting and winning the war. Roosevelt: Peace by fear has no higher or more enduring quality than peace by the sword. FDR was right; appeasement did not keep the peace. Roosevelt thought it was time for war in October 1941 and repealed all the remaining neutrality acts leaving the US on the brink of war. FDR said, Only the thinnest of lines separated the United States from war with the Axis.

FDR thought that non-involvement in war would not guarantee peace, because America could be attacked. Roosevelt said in his Quarantine Speech that countries threatening world peace should be put under a political Quarantine so that the cancer does not spread. Franklin Delano Roosevelt seemed to have the right idea about entering World War II all along, but no one listened to him until going to war was absolutely necessary. The war could have been much shorter and less disastrous if the US came into the war directly at the beginning. Conclusion, Thesis: The United States Was Justified in Entering World War II If the United States did not go to war there could have been many times the damage .

And to this day we still might not have recovered, or in fact we could all be under supreme rule of one dictator. The possibilities are endless of what the Axis could have done. Nazis could have enslaved the world. Fortunately the United States made the wise decision to enter World War II. Between about 1938 and 1942 the United States put up with a lot of aggression from the Axis Powers to prevent further war and maintain peace. But as the Axis wanted to be world-dominators, there was no stopping them by peaceful means.

As a result, the United States took actions after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and fought back to prevent the overbearing and aggressive countries from taking over the world. In conclusion, the United States was perfectly justified in entering World War II to save the world from these three different monsters of society. Bibliography none Thesis and Dissertations.


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