Why The Us Needs The United Nations

Why The Us Needs The United Nations Why the US Needs the United Nations When sometimes one is given a question, thought is not required. Rather, history can answer with the loudest voice. The United States has proven time and time again to be the most powerful nation on earth, yet this nation does not abuse its power. It believes in righteousness and peace and only disputes when injustice is spawn. America does not turn away when another nation is in danger.

It seeks to set wrongs right. With this position, America carries not a burden but a voluntary responsibility. It chooses to free people and maintain a world safe for democracy. Only when that goal is achieved may war only be experienced through history texts. Too many people of too many countries have suffered due to the tensions of conflicting governments that later catapult into hellish combat.

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There are only grave loses from war, nothing is gained, except torment and mortality. When will there be peace? The US is humane enough to answer this with a pledge to prevent war. It cannot be accomplished alone. Support is needed from all nations into one common alliance striving for peace. That is the United Nations.

It was US President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill themselves who initiated this world organization. The United Nations not only performs peacekeeping activities and delivers humanitarian aid to distant countries, but it has a direct influence on all of our lives, every person everywhere in the world. The UN protects human rights, promotes protection of the environment, helps the advancement of women and children rights, battles epidemics, hunger, and poverty. Throughout the world the UN helps refugees, helps improve telecommunications, delivers food aid, protects consumers, make loans to developing countries and helps stabilize finanicial markets. The United States particularly feels responsible for all of these duties, whether the UN exists or not. Somewhere along the line, the US has become the police force of the world. If the world is kept secure, then international problems can be solved before the water ripples. But, aggressive situations cannot be pacified with polite words in a conference hall.

Military force and financial funds are needed in the process of securing peace. Obviously, the US has its own nation to run, it won’t abandon its country to save others. The US can’t handle the financial burdens and world supervision to enforce such peace alone. A different perspective is to consider where the US would be if the UN did not exist. It certainly would not have as good overseas relations with troubled countries. Another world war could have easily occurred with the tension that existed between the United States and the Soviet Union.

We the people wouldn’t feel as secure about many aspects in our daily lives such as food, health, finances, environment, employment, and education. The United Nations touches so many facets of the government and the lives of the American people; it’s difficult to imagine our nation without it. Now the United States, along with 184 other nations, are united with the same goal to shape the international community. The United Nations is the lifeblood of world peace, we need it to correct inequity and create harmony for all humankind. Government Essays.


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