Who Killed Jonbenet

.. adult (wearing lipstick and high heels) and performed suggestive dances. JonBenet’s 40-year-old mother, Patricia (Patsy) Ramsey, a former Miss America contestant, considered her young daughter her confidante and bestfriend. Patsy had undergone chemotherapy, and various press accounts accuse her of fulfilling her own beauty-pageant fantasies through JonBenet. The Ramseys hired criminal-defense lawyers to represent them four days after the murder, even though they had not been named as suspects. These lawyers advised them not to submit to formal, videotaped police interviews until the police agreed to show the Ramseys copies of the statement they had made to police the day of the murder.

The police agreed to the terms, and the couple was interviewed on May 1, 1997. There was an hour-long break between John’s and Patsy’s interviews, which caused the press to believe that may have given them time to coordinate their stories. Critics claimed the district attorney’s office has bungled the case because it has little experience with homicides: JonBenet was the college town’s only murder victim in 1996. They said that the police mishandled the crime scene, by allowing John Ramsey to search the house, and point out that the police allowed the couple to leave town for several weeks prior to questioning them. This absence, some speculated, gave the Ramseys time to work out a story to explain their innocence. During a press conference, the Boulder district attorney called JonBenet’s parents the focus of his murder investigation.

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Police found no evidence of forced entry into the house; nor was the new-fallen snow outside the home disturbed by footprints. The only people known to have been inside the house at the time of the murder were JonBenet’s parents and her 9-year-old brother. The District Attorney also pointed out that the police also withheld important pieces of evidence from public view, claiming that full disclosure would jeopardize their investigation. The complete autopsy report remained sealed, and the results of DNA tests performed on JonBenet’s bloodstained nightgown, her hair, and the blood found underneath her fingernails also remained confidential. In addition, he had established a task force that included two veterans of the O.J. Simpson defense: law professor Barry Scheck and forensic expert Henry Lee.

The prosecutor said the victim’s parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, described as a target of the grand jury probe, have not been eliminated from the investigation. Investigators called the ransom note a fake, citing its intentional misspellings. After searching the Ramsey home, police found a legal pad on which they believe the note was written. They also found a rough draft of the note on the same pad. Details within the not indicated an intimate knowledge of the Ramsey family.

The amount demanded matched John Ramsey’s 1996 bonus. In addition, the note ended with Victory SBTC, which police said referred to the Subic Bay Training Center, the defunct U.S. Navy base in the Philippines where John Ramsey was stationed in the 1960s. Police took five handwriting samples from Patsy Ramsey and compared them against the 2-page ransom note, the complete contents of which were not made public. Police said Patsy’s handwriting samples were inconclusive because her manual dexterity had been hampered by sedatives she had taken since JonBenet’s death.

They said that John Ramsey’s samples did not match the ransom note. What motive would the Ramseys have to kill their daughter? The supermarket tabloids ran riot with speculation, but family friends called the Ramseys gentle and devoted parents. The Ramseys themselves theorized in an interview that one of John’s disgruntled employees might have killed JonBenet. In an ad the Ramseys published in the Boulder Sunday Camera, they accused a convicted child molester of the crime. Police acknowledged that at least 15 people (caterers, housekeepers, and contractors) had keys to the house.

The next question to be answered is, if the Ramseys didn’t do it, then who did? There are two main theories. The first is that an unknown assailant, who entered the house presumably via the basement window, murdered JonBenet. If this theory is correct then the killer would have to be someone who: Was familiar with the layout of the house. Knew the Ramseys personally enough to know that John Ramsey received a bonus of $118,000. Was confident enough to spend the time to, not only commit the offence, but also had the presence of mind to write a long note in an attempt to draw suspicion away from them.

The other theory is one posed by former FBI agent and expert criminal profiler, Robert Ressler. John and Patsy Ramsey agree with Ressler. His theory states: JonBenet knew her killer That the killer could have come from a small circle of friends around the Ramsey home in Boulder That the circle would include family, neighbors, and employees of the Ramseys. On October 13, 1999, District Attorney Alex Hunter called a press conference to announce that a grand jury that had been assembled thirteen months previously to hear the evidence of the case, had found that there was insufficient evidence to charge any suspect with the murder of JonBenet. The grand jury was shown 30,000 pieces of evidence and heard testimony from dozens of witnesses, with forensic experts and Ramsey family friends believed to be among them. Apart from John and Patsy Ramsey, the police have never publicly named any additional suspects in the case.

Where does all of this leave a JonBenet? Will her killer ever be brought to justice? As reporters, former police officers, and John and Patsy Ramsey continue to make money by selling their stories to publishing agencies, a murderer is on the loose. A little girl’s life was taken away and no one has taken responsibility for it. As things stand, it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever be charged or prosecuted for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey – unless someone were to come forward and confess. It is my guess that no such killer will ever be caught, and that we will never know any more about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey than we know right now. Ironically, Patsy Ramsey said it best in an interview with Dateline in July of 1998. I don’t know what happened, says Patsy Ramsey.

God knows, and He’s not telling. Legal Issues.


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