Who Created Evil

Who Created Evil? Where did evil come from? Ever since the beginning of time our reality has been based on the conflict between good and evil. From the story of Adam and Eve to modern day and everything done by the human race has been a battle between these two. Many theologians and scholars have tried to argue the creation of evil. They question if God created it or if man and his perversion of the good created it. Still many have reached the conclusion that evil is mans perversion of Gods great gift of free will. However, I do not agree. I believe that evil is inherent in man.

I believe that God, whether directly or indirectly, created evil. St. Augustine was one of the great theologians in church history. He had the idea that man was inherently and totally good until the fall. After the fall, man was both good and evil. A dualistic thought, but nonetheless a very Christian statement because we now had the ability to sin. From that point on, man was not prone to evil, but was born with evil in him.

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This is what drives us to sin in the first place. How could we perverse a good without having that perverseness, evil, in us already? Augustine himself identifies with this in his famous story of the theft of the pears. When he stole those pears he didnt have any desire to enjoy the things [he] stole, but only the stealing of them and the sin. What hes saying is that there was no reason for him to steal the pears, no need or desire. It was simply the fact that it was evil and sinful that drove him to commit his pointless theft.

He realized that there was a side of him that was naturally drawn to the enjoyment of evil. He realized that he had evil in him. And that part of him is what delighted in sin. Augustine admitted that it could not have been a perversion of a good because if that were so, and he was naturally all good, then he would have felt remorse. He would not have felt such pleasure in the act. It was the evil that part of him craved. How could anyone enjoy such sin if it wasnt already in him or her? The reason is that he had evil in him, we all do.

If we didnt, then we wouldnt sin. Some would say that we are good and the gift of free choice allows us to sin. But if that were true, then we still wouldnt sin. How would we be able to perverse good if the ability to do it isnt in us? The ability and desire too perverse is evil. So if we do possess that ability and desire then we must possess evil.

This paradox goes back a long time before Augustine. It goes back a long time before man. The angels themselves were created as beings of worship for the Lord. After an extensive search of the bible, I have failed to locate any passage that explains the creation of the angels. Nowhere in the bible does it state whether or not angels have free will. Assume that they do have free will, Lucifer and his angels chose freely when they decided to go against the Lord. This choice of Lucifers is not documented at any point in the bible.

When the war in Heaven broke out it was divided into two sides, Gods and Lucifers. Michael, God’s general, won the battle. Lucifer and his minions were cast down from the heavens. From this time on Lucifer would be known as the very epitome of evil. Since then it has seemed that all evil has originated from Lucifer, Satan.

The part of the story that seems to be a bit odd is that God, as we understand him, is all knowing. Augustine described God as having supreme knowledge of all things. So if the Lord were all knowing, then he would know that Satan and his angels would rebel. He would know that Satan would be evil and bring evil in to the world. In this sense God created evil.

God was the only thing that existed before He created angels and Lucifer. In order for him to choose to be evil, (assuming free choice), evil had to exist before him. Understand Im not saying the Lord is evil and in no way am I saying the Lord likes evil. I am simply stating that, indirectly or directly, the Lord created evil. Since God is all knowing and omnipotent, he would know that Satan was going to create evil with his actions and He would have the power to stop that from happening. Again some would say that it was His love that allowed Lucifer to chose that end, but that would still mean that God indirectly created evil.

God created Lucifer and Lucifer is evil, or created evil, so therefore God had a part in the creation of evil itself. Another thought that I have encountered while pondering this topic is free will itself. Free will is the gift God gave to us allowing us to choose between good and evil. If that were truly what free will is, then what good would it be without evil? What would we have to choose between if there was no evil? We would only be able to choose good because it would be the only option available to us. This means that the greatest gift God gave to mankind, the ability to choose out of our own will, would not exist without evil.

The thing we value the most, as Christians, relies on the existence of evil. Not only that but whom defines evil. All of our laws are based on past or present religious beliefs on what is right and wrong. All of those beliefs began from what God told us …


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