When I went to cancda

When my mom toke me and my brother to Wonder land I thought it was big. I asked could we go to the Water Park. Mummy said ok my favorite water ride was black hole it was scary. The next ride I went on the wave pool. When the song started the waves was become strong. I couldn’t take the waves because they were to high and kept pushing me. After we got changed we went to a roller coaster. It was called dragon fire I was very scared because it went down first then two loops, spiral then it went on a side ways loop. The next ride I went was bumper cars it was very fun because I bumped lots of people and I bumped my brother to then he bumped me back. I went on one more roller coaster it was the tunder run with my mom she was very scared of but I had very fun. I saw my brothers go on the cliffhanger thought I was very scary because it went on loops. At 10:00 I saw the eruption of the mountain. It was very cool because all the fire works, fire lava was coming out of the mountain. I had so much fun at Canada’s wonderland.


I'm Lydia!

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