What Is The Role Of Government In Human Society

What Is The Role Of Government In Human Society? WHAT IS THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN HUMAN SOCIETY? Be the government a dictorcratic, autocratic or democratic, all these have one thing in common and that is to rule the citizens under its power as established by the ruling citizens and or parties. Any government form will fight to preserve its sovereignty from both foreign and domestic enemies. Based on all wants and needs of the governing party and the people associated, laws are established to tax the people and develop both a working force and militia for the society and to establish penalties for any that would violate such laws and oppose the current government. Government is a leadership from of society structuring in which a person or a group of people act in behalf of those that placed the leadership on them, be it a birth-right, family position, an election, or a nomination. The simplest form of government is that of the basic family unit. Where there is a single-family head over all the other members. The family head judges and balances all the families wants and needs based on the resources of the family and its capabilities.

In most instances the head is one of the family elders who has: sound knowledge and wisdom about most matters affecting the family. The head acts for the betterment of the family and all associated with it by either marriage or other agreements. A government is a protective body set up to protect the people from domestic and foreign threats. Insuring that all citizens share the cost. A government is like a scale, balancing the needs and the wants of’ the people.

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The government is established through individuals being elected to represent the citizens in its community, state and nation. These individuals establish laws to be voted on by the citizens. These laws are set up to protect and provide for the people. Balancing the needs of everyone fairly. The government is also the banker who collects and dispenses the money it needs in order to carry out these laws and services.

The money is collected through taxes the people have voted on. These taxes are raised as the needs of the citizens grow. Citizens vote on laws to keep every day life establish a sate environment in which they live and work;. Setting up penalties and fines for anyone who decides to break these laws. The government sets up agencies to uphold and enforce these laws fairly.

I believe that the government is a body of rich influential people who help the poor, give tax brakes to the rich of which the middle class pays the most. But since this is only my opinion, the fact is the government is there to balance the needs of all the people. To help the poor, give tax breaks. Bibliography None Government Essays.


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