What are some arguments you can make for and again

st giving each state theright to send the same number of members to the senate?
Shortly after the start of our country, it became obvious that the
Articles of Confederation was falling through and our founding fathers
decided a change was in order. After much controversy between the
different mind sets of the states,
Contra: it gives more weight to less populated states, filled with
christian fundamentalists and hence distorts the political process.

Pro: it ensures the voice of smaller states is also heard whereas otherwise
the decisions would nearly always favor the larger states.

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What it really coms down to is states rights.

Pro: the fact that each state has the same number of senators insures that
the individual states can affect national politics regardless of population
Pro: Each individual state has the means to protect the wishes of its
people from being overwhelmed by the more populous states. (for example;
say that Main was on the list of nuclear waste sites. Two senators might
not be enough to stop it, but they have a much better chance than two of
two thousand.)
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there really is only one reason. I was just trying to break it down into
something they can write about. I mean you can say ‘to give each state
equal representation in one of the houses of congress’ all day long but the
teacher is most likely looking for some idea of why this is a good thing,
some flash of insight from the student which says ‘i rally get it’.

hopefully the student will ‘get it’ instead of just blindly copying our

I tried to phrase my response in a way which will help them understand and,
help them complete thier work without too much of a headache.

Pro: They’ve been covered by previous posts.

Con: There are none. The existance of the House of Representatives
addresses any that you can think of.

You are right – you are totally wrong. The Senate is constructed to ensure
an equal voice for each state. The Electoral College on the other hand was
constructed as a compromise between a pure republic and a pure democracy.

It is recognition that the United States is first, and foremost, a republic
that has been delegated power from the union of its states. The compromise
part is that the more populous states get more of a say in the government
because they bring more economic clout to the republic.

There is no contradiction. Just compromise.

you need two houses of congress to make it work the way it’s been set up;
and we already have a proportional house; what would be the point of two
proportional houses? it would provide no differing, no conflict, and hence,
a weakening of the checks and balance system.


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