Weight Loss

.. ximately one-third of anorexics become bulimia nervosa’s. These are people who binge eat then purge themselves by vomiting. They become isolated and depressed and have a low self-esteem. What’s worse though is that physically these people seem healthy but if you look close they develop finger calluses or lesions, puffy cheeks , and erosion of enamel on their teeth due to the stomach acids so frequently eating away at it.

It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid dieting and the other methods of losing weight that come with it because there is a major difference between dieting and having a healthy diet (food choice). To overcome these weight problems and lead a healthier life you need look no further than a couple isles over from where you usually shop in the market and a little bit of good old exercise. First off there is one important thing you must know abut trying to lose weight the correct way, it’s just like trying to become a millionaire, it takes some work and some time. Losing weight the correct way will take longer than a crash diet but it is a much safer method not to mention more permanent. This may be the tricky part for most people, laying of the junk food.

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It is ok to have junk food occasionally but making it an everyday thing will really lengthen the weight loss process especially if you are older. The main entre needs to be starchy foods. It has been said that breads are fatty but they contain no more calories per gram than lean meat. These foods tends to expand once in your stomach making you feel a little more full and giving you less of an urge to eat and really stuff yourself. When you stuff yourself your stomach grows just like when you exercise a muscle, the next time you will need more food to satisfy it.

Avoid the breads made with lots of oil or butter and ones you need to put spreads on for flavor. It is wise to include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Greener foods tend to help metabolism (the chemical that helps you break down food) better and are recommended. Although McDonalds has Americas favorite fries, you better avoid that and any other type of fried potato including potato chips. Even though they are vegetables they have been doused with fatty oils. Dairy products are necessary foods so opt for the skim milk, nonfat yogurt, and low-fat cheese.

You’ll acquire a taste for them and appreciate it in the long run. Protein is another necessary food that you must watch carefully. Trim all visible fat off before steaming, grilling, baking or poaching. Notice I did not say frying! Frying requires oil and oil is a main ingredient you want to avoid. Cutting down on fats is the best approach when you are attempting to make an appropriate diet. You do not want to eliminate all fats but minimizing them helps.

Calories are too often worried about. It’s like saying, don’t fill up the car past of a tank because it might not run as well. Calories are energy and energy is necessary. Now that doesn’t mean fill up the car so much it starts spilling out on the ground and flooding the parking lot. With the exercise you plan to incorporate in this weight loss program you will use all of those calories and burn the existing “fat” calories stuck on you body. By adapting this plan into your meal plan you are very unlikely to put on any more weight unless all you do is sit on your couch all day watching TV (it burns calories just not enough).

Fat calories are the calories you want to avoid. Any snacks that are high in saturated fat and have a lot of total calories from fat. Now, to rid of your existing excess weight there is one and only one way, by continuous aerobic exercise. In order for the body to begin burning fat calories, which have a different make up of carbohydrate and protein calories, the body must believe it needs to use the larger amount of calories. For most activities in life your body uses calories from carbohydrates or proteins for quick energy. Once you have been performing an activity using your legs, i.e.

jogging, biking continuous swimming, etc., for 12 minutes your body begins to use the fat calories to conserve on carbohydrates. Thus, after 12 minutes of aerobic exercise (which is defined as having your heart rate between 80-110 b.p.s) you begin to burn fat from your body and sweat it through your skin cells. So recommended duration for exercise is 20 minutes for beneficial results. Performing this activity once a day would probably show results more rapidly but it is recommended you do it 3-5 times a week especially if you don’t regularly exercise. There is a note of caution for people who are extremely over weight to not try and over do it.

Over exercising can cause heart attacks so you should ease your way into exercising. Maybe start just by walking, then a combination of walking and jogging, don’t try and over do it hoping to get results instantly. All good things take time. So with determination and persistency you can be on your way to a healthier lifestyle by incorporating a healthy and plentiful diet with essential exercise. Without dieting, you’re capable of sculpting a body more desirable for yourself and staying in good health.

Without buying pills and drugs and little gimmicks you can make it much cheaper to take of that unwanted fat. Take yourself out of that statistic that one-third of Americans are extremely over-weight driving them into crash dieting. Through daily exercise and the right diet gradually lose the weight which doesn’t put you at such great risks. The truth is dieting destines you for death, while dedication destines you for doggedness. Bibliography WSOC Health Team 9 (1998, Editors) “Dangerous Dieting” 1998 The Associated Press on the web Retrieved 12-10-99 from World Wide Web http://www.gocarolinas.com/living/health/nutrition / dieting.html Lane, Theresa (1996) Foods That Harm Foods That Heal The Readers Digest Association Limited, London Berg, Francis M. (1995) Health Risks of Weight Loss Hettinger, ND : Healthy Weight Journal Little, Tony (Producer) (1997, May 24) “Healthy Living w/ Tony Little” Infomercial on CBS Woodworth, M. (1998 Sept) [Speech by Mr.

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