Water Pollution

.. oisoning brought about by contaminated fish. Research revealed that the consumption of contaminated fish and shrimp were ensuing culprits. Anthony Tucker, a scientist helping with the research explained, anyone who eats one normal fish a day contaminated by toxins will most certainly be disabled and more than likely die. Likewise, biologist Gregory Karras a member of Citizens For a Better Environment, also recognizes the severe consequences of the toxic food chain, fish and shellfish that have absorbed toxins can indirectly pass the contaminants to humans. Birds migrating from Central America and the Arctic Circle, for example, make a stopover in San Franciscos wetlands, where they feast on clams and mussels that contain high concentrations of cadmium, mercury, and lead. The birds become so polluted that there is a risk from eating the ducks from the South Bay of San Francisco.

Also, state officials in New York have warned against eating more than half a pound of Bluefish a week, and to never eat the striped bass caught off of long island. The New England regional administrator for EPA has also been quoted on the distraught of toxic contaminated seafood; anyone who eats the liver from a lobster taken from an urban area in New England is living dangerously. Similarly on the west coast of the United States, the sale of mackerel has been outlawed. Research has revealed impermissible human consumption of this species of Mackerel due to highly excessive amounts of toxic found in the fishs flesh and tissue. Unfortunately, the other side effects of toxins are beginning to appear worldwide. Scientists have recently noticed an increasing rate of mortality in marine mammals, dolphins, harbor seals, and sea lions just to name a few. In June of 1988 over one hundred sea lions had been diagnosed as suffering from Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease affecting the kidneys.

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Because of the outbreak being local, to a region where there is oil exploration, the center has involved the EPA to investigate whether the symptoms are associated with the high levels of metal toxins polluted in that area. During the same month of that year, residents on the Danish island of Anholt have witnessed a shocking shore washing of more than one hundred and fifty dead or dying North Sea Seals. Scientists there are under the strong impression that the seals immune systems may have been weakened by chemical pollutants in the water, making them susceptible to various types of viruses. Even more horrific, was the direct effect of chemicals on surfers of Northern Californias Humboldt Bay. The local surfers there began complaining of sinus infections as well as sore throats and skin rashes.

After a short investigation, it turned out to be the result of untreated toxic chemicals dumped into the ocean by nearby pulp mills. The regional EPA then tested the level of toxicity upon sea urchin sperm and eggs; fertilization was halted. The EPA then immediately stopped the dumping, placed healthy fines upon the paper mills and set new regulations for treatment. Pollution is the introduction of substances or energy into the marine environment that cause harm to the living resources of the oceans or humans that use those resources. A prime example of pollution would be the case of the garbage littered island of Ducie Atoll in the South Pacific.

This uninhabited is one of the most remote in the world, the nearest inhabited island is two hundred and ninety three miles away, yet Ducie Atolls beaches are littered with garbage ranging from toy dolls to plastic food and drink containers. More importantly, is the amount of plastic garbage on Ducie Atoll and throughout the oceans. The problems occurring from the disposal of plastic products are enormous as well as outrageous, the most important of which has to be the impact of plastic pollution upon marine life, and Animals are killed when they ingest or become entangled in the plastic debris. The National Marine Mammal laboratory concluded that up to forty thousand seals a year are dying of plastic entanglements. This exceptionally large number is attributed to the playful demeanor of the seals. Seals find the fragments of plastic debris or netting curiously playful, the result of the seals curiousness can be ultimately lethal.

If plastic netting or beverage six-pack rings can find there way around a seals neck, death is inevitable. The seal is Unable to extricate itself; the animal eventually drowns, starves to death, or dies of exhaustion or of infection from the deep wounds caused by the netting or drink holders. Another deadly affect of plastic pollution is upon the different species of birds found out and around the seas and oceans. Along Floridas coasts the Brown Pelican sometimes will dive for fishermens bait and unfortunately get hooked. Most fishermen will then release the bird by cutting their fishing line, assuming the bird will be all right. Unfortunately this is not true, the birds may become entangled in the line cutting off circulation and either maiming itself or killing itself.

Sea turtles also suffer from plastic debris floating out at sea; they mistakenly accept plastic-transparent bags as jellyfish or food, which they choke on very easily. The severity of this problem is astounding. Many scientist believe that the effects of plastic pollution upon the marine environment is by far most devastating, even more so than industrial oil and waste pollution. David Laist, a senior policy and program analyst for the United States Marine Mammal Commission said, you could see animals struggling to survive at individual oil spill sites, but those dangers are concentrated at one place. With plastic pollution its a different situation.

Plastics are like individual mines floating around the oceans just waiting for victims. In Conclusion, we need to take more positive steps toward a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable oceans and seas. But there is much that needs to be done, societies worldwide must realize that the Earths oceans are not the solution to waste disposal; they are however the homes of millions of species of organisms and animals. With increasing amounts of awareness, people worldwide can reduce the flow of wastes and garbage dumped into the oceans and halt industrial pollution altogether. With the positive attitude people can make a difference and restore some of the lost luster to our tarnished forgotten waters.

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Water Pollution

Water pollution has affected many people and animals. Water pollution is the disposal of
garbage into a water stream. Some of the water pollution is from littering, some water pollution
is done by chemical leaks, and others by ships. Also, There is much information about water
pollution. I am going to take that education on water pollution a step farther; and explain how
water pollution affects us, how it affects marine life, what companies affect it the most, and what
There are many causes for water pollution. The main one is plastics. The reason for that
is that plastics take four hundred and fifty years to decompose in the water. Also many
companies use plastic and people throw it in the waterways. Because water can float and be
carried by the wind, it can cause harm to unsuspecting creatures hundreds of feet from where it
was originally dumped. Such waste includes bags, bottles, cups, straws, cup lids, utensils, six
pack holders, cling wrap, fishing line, bait bags, and floats.

The second highest cause of water pollution is ship waste. Ships used to take much
garbage with them on their ships and dump them. This was very common until the government
took action. They were giving sailors up to one million dollars fines for disposing waste.
Because of that, ships now carry less garbage with them.

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Animals are not the only thing being harmed by water wastes. Fishing lines, rope, and
plastic nets are being caught in the rutter and the engine, but the ships are not exactly perfect.

The other main cause of water pollution is industrial waste. Industries do not be harmed
by water pollution but the cause much it. Many companies pour chemicals into the waterways.
Some of the businesses that contribute to the water pollution are businesses that repair and
maintain motor vehicles, electroplate, operate printing and coping equipment, perform dry
cleaning and laundry services, process photographs, operate labs, involve building and construct
roads, provide pest control, preserve wood, and make furniture.

Water pollution doesn’t just effect humans, it affects are whole ecosystem. Birds and
marine life are affected by it. More than fifty species of birds are known to ingest plastic. When
they eat plastic, they feel full, so some of them die of starvation. Algal blooms are another thing
that kills marine life. Algal blooms are sea scum, whale food, and sea sawdust. Algal blooms
are bundles of fine threads, rusty brown, they have a fishy smell, and are common in
Water is our main source of our life. We need it to live, drink, bathe, recreation,
manufacturing, and power. We need water for almost everything; if we don’t start cleaning up
we will be in big trouble. Bunches of families dispose of chemicals everyday. It affects us
drastically and we depend on it to be clean.

Right now the government is fining people for illegal dumping. But that is all the
People in cities are organizing water pollution groups. A lot of people are producing
fliers and giving them out. The are asking people to adapt a waterway. In Australia they had a
national clean up day and went out to the ocean and cleaned it up. I think the people are taking
this more seriously than the government.

We need to start cleaning up the water or we will be in big trouble. The government
needs to get active and so does the public.

In some places water pollution is a main concern. The last defense of water pollution is
water treatment. Their are two main reasons for water treatment. The first one is to protect the
public’s health. The second one is to protect the water quality. Most of the waste water comes
from industries, homes, businesses, storm runoff, ground water, and schools. Also sludge is
being treated to remove some of its water. Then it is further processed by stabilizing,
If more effort isn’t being made the human race will die. Eventually all the water will be
infested and unable to drink out of. We will have no places to bathe or anything. We will have
to do something soon or else we will not make it.



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