This book is about the life of Walt Disney, an American legend.

The Arthur begins the tale with a view of the family before Walt Disney’s birth
on December 5,1901. In the first few pages after it goes on into describing the
child within the man, his humor and his innocent view of the world through
child’s eyes. The next few chapters go on to describe various jobs he took as a
child, the family conflicts within the home and the stern father that commanded
obedience. The book touches slightly on how his brothers one by one left home,
mainly because of disagreements with the father. It depicts the struggle of a
young artist constantly trying to better himself and the fierce determination to
succeed. Walt Disney did his best with every job he took but never gave up his
dream of becoming a cartoonist. Everything he did was towards a goal one can say
he was a self made man with ambition and drive. Through out the chapters it
chronologically documents the successes and disappointments of the artist and
the businessman. The journey that Walt Disney took in order to succeed was one
of many obstacles and personal setbacks.

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