Violence In America

Violence in America
Violence in Americas society is definitely a major problem. This problem can be traced back as far as fetal development. It seems that in most cases of bad treatment, the families come from poverty or bad neighborhood areas. The whole main purpose of this speaker was to develop a good understanding on why most of the violent crimes occur in todays hurting society. It is not rocket science to realize that most angry violent acts are due to a disturbed child or individual that lacked attention, love or care. Violence is not a new problem, scientists are just finding out new facts about how it starts and how it can be prevented.
The early developmental stages of babies is key to starting a good life long learning experience. This is the certain time in which their brains are really trying to make progress and grow. Babies need that love and sense of closeness to obtain a healthy start. Obviously mothers who smoke, drink or do drugs while pregnant can cause serious health problems to their fetus. Also when they are young most of the time these problems persist and do not get any better. This causes children to have the chance to obtain the same lifestyles as of the parents.
Another instance that can hurt a childs well being is when they are real little around the ages of two to about six. Kids at this age need to be taught and especially loved. When children are neglected or left they do not get the support that they truly need to keep the growing process up to date. This is definitely one reason that kids are committing crimes at younger ages. If people feel that they are responsible enough to have babies, they should at least take the time to help them have good lifestyles.

We all know that kids for the most part are mean and form little cliques and this is a major reason that kids are committing crimes. They feel that if they cant get attention the way that is right, they will get it almost any way they can. It also ties back the kids early childhood. A lack of love and understanding at young ages causes some children to not know how to interact with other kids. On the same token they can be made fun of daily causing them to resent the world and not have any cares.
America is the worst when it comes to incarceration out of the whole world. This really looks bad on us and this problem is not getting better at all. Americas taxpayers end up paying about 100,000 dollars for housing juveniles and about 45,000 dollars for adults per year. Once again this could be prevented if parents would take a bigger role in their childrens lives. A childs attitude about life and learning is a direct result of their parents or guardians.

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Parents and guardians play the main role in how their child develops. Poverty is a main issue in which kids really dont receive the care and understanding that they need to grow into responsible adults. This is not the case in all instances, however for the most part because lots of individuals base everything on monetary gain. Money cannot provide love in this world. The main thing dealing with poverty is that parents have a tough time providing nourishment for their children. Poverty is also associated with drugs and alcohol problems. Some people feel that their bad habits are more important than providing for their needy, unwanted children.

This was definitely a worthy presentation and it helped in understanding many issues of child development. It also helped in understanding more of the aspects in how children need their parents and love to get a healthy start in this harsh world of today. I learned a whole lot of information about the human brain and how it works and how it develops starting at the infant stage. Overall, kids need nourishment both by family and by their surroundings. If kids could have parents and families who care, it would greatly reduce a childs anger and frustration in later years.


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