Underground to Canada : Mammy Sally’s Version

As Mammy Sally was cooking this lady called Nina who also worded in the kitchen
said “I found a passage way out o’ here.” Mammy Sally looked shocker. “But if we
get caught Massa Simms gonna whip us until our day are done workin’. “Said
Mammy Sally. But, Nina was Strong and Fearless and said “I don’t care I’m sick
of the way those people treat us I goin’ to Canada. Mammy Sally stood there for
a while and in came Massa Simms with his whip. And said “You ladies gonna be
standin’ for a while” Mammy Sally looked frightened and said “No sir we were
just talking about what’s for diner,” “So Said Massa Simms “what’s for dinner”,
“well” said Mammy Sally “potatoes and corn” “what else” said Massa Simms Mammy
Sally had a scared look on her face “What else”?! Yelled mass Simms” well I
guess I can cook some bread” said Mammy Sally, “Same bread that would be nice”
Some break that would be nice” Said Massa Simms. A Couple of hours passed and
Mammy Sally getting ready to set the table for dinner when in came Nina and she
said “So have you thought it yet” ” no” said Mammy Sally. The next day Nina woke
up early she put on here rags and took some food from the kitchen and woke up
Mammy Sally and Mammy Sally said “if we get caught “I know I know” interrupted
Nina ” we gonna get whipped tell our days are done working.” Well at least you
know” said ” Mammy Sally and they left. “So said Mammy Sally” Where is this
secret passage you were talking about” you’ll see” said Nina. When they got to
the secret passage Mammy Sally said, “We aint gonna get out with out getting
caught. Nina looked awkwardly at Mammy Sally and said “she is safer than the
underground railway” “how can you ? it “said Mammy Sally. The secret passage was
a hole through the ground and first went Mammy Sally after went Nina. When they
got out Nina said ” Smell the fresh air of freedom.” “yes soon we will be back
there and we wont be working in the kitchen we’ll be getten whipped.” It was
getting and Mammy Sally and Nina were walking all day and they were very tired,
so they decided to stop and rest. After they rested they ate and began walking
again. It was down when they came to a cabin and the knocked on the door they
were surprised to sea a black man answer the door. The man said “come in the
ladies Nina asked “what is your name sir.” He said “My name is Malcolm.” ” What
are you doing in here”? asked Mammy Sally. “I live here , said Malcolm. Mammy
Sally and Nina looked shocked at Malcolm. They never saw a free black man.

Malcolm said Why have you never seen a free black man? Because we are black ,
doesn’t mean we don’t have rights. “But we have to listen to Massa Simms or we
gonna get whipped real hard.” After they rested and talked to Malcolm , they
continued their journey to Canada. In the afternoon they came to another cabin
in Boston. When they knocked on the door , an old woman holding a shot gun ,
opened the door, and said ” What are you niggers doing here ? Are you not
supposed to be getting whipped or working very hard?” No said Nina, we are not
going to work for any white folks in USA. “So get off my property, you useless
blacks.” “Hey lady who do you think you are? We are human just like you and we
get angry. And we are getting angrier, so don’t be messing wit us or we gonna
get really angry. So watch out lady, and yes were leaving ’cause we don’t wanna
look at yer ugly mug no more.” “Get out now.” They left that old hags home and
continued walking down the road searching for a ride. They had finished eating
their food and were getting mighty hungry. They stopped by a shelter for some
food. “We may be desperate Mammy, but I’m not going in no homeless shelter.”
“Shut yer mouth Nina, there’s good eatin’.” They went in after all. “Hey were
not letting any coloured people in here.” “Were hungry and we have no food, you
cant let us eat just because of the colour of our skin?” “Hey don’t talk back to
me, nigger, now get out” “Were going, were going.” They’re stomachs were
grumbling pretty badly and it was getting dark. They laid down in an alley to
sleep for the night. In the morning they continued their journey to Canada. When
they were walking they met this man and his name was Thompson Mcrian. Thompson
Mcrian was a tall man with long Black hair and Brown eyes. The girls thought
he was at least 10 feet tall. When Thompson came up to them he said “What are
you girls doing on White man’s land ? We are goin’ to Canada” said Nina . Do
you want a ride to Cincinnati? Yes sir . So in 2 hours they arrived in
Cincinnati . When they came they herd of a man named Jeb Brown he was a man
who helped people get to Canada. So they went to his house and spoke to him and
he arranged for someone to take them to Canada. One week passed and they were
off to Canada. On the way they saw different colours of leafs and they couldn’t
stop talking about how different life would be. So they came to Canada and got
jobs in generals stores and started new lives and told everyone their story of
how they got to Canada. This is what you have just read.

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