Treasure Island

.. horse back, we hid and watch as they destroyed our inn yelling Not here, and Its gone, someones, got it,. Then Dr.Livesey rode with many other man firing out the group of men. I went with them to town and told them of what have happened, we then all (the doctor and captain smollett, really the town officials) looked at the map and concluded it was a treasure mao and said to be Captain Flints (famous pirate captain) treasure. We were able find a good ship and found a man that seemed to be well connected, and even offered to be the ships cook (he was missing a leg now I learned he was probaly the man the capatin at the inn told me of). He was even able to find entire ship crew that he said was well experience and he knew everyone of them personally.

We set sail the next day for the island only then telling the crew of the mission. I was able to befriend the ships cook which he told me I could call him Long John Silver, he told me of all the adventures he had and treated me very nicely. But one day I was going to get an apple out of the barrel when I had to crawl in because the apples were so far down. Then I heard two men walk in talking, I listened carefully and then I heard them talk of taking over the ship once they were on the island. When they left I quickly ran and told the ships officers of what I have heard and we all agreed that they should not let the ships crew find out that we knew of they plans of mutiny and obtaining the treasure. When we landed the ships crew acted very excited to be there, I assume because of there plans to take over the ship.

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But the ships officers stayed aboard while I went with Silver and the rest of the crew to explore the island and have some fun, forgetting what was amist. And when I got to the island I remembered of there plans and quickly separated from them, Long John called for me many times but I still stayed in the woods. When I was walking through the woods I stumbled upon a ragged old man, I talked long with him and learned that he had been abandoned there by his crew. I stayed with him for quite a while until I found the officers fort. Now the story switches points of view from Jim Hawkins to Dr. Livesey because they are two different locations not knowing of each others actions.

Knowing of their plans to take over the ship and certainly kill us we hurried ashore to find Jim Hawkins. We were unable to find him though and decided that being that they had more then four times our number of men we couldnt hold the ship so we started to build a block house, maybe 30 ft. by 30 ft. with a strong wood fence surrounding it made of logs and could not be torn down without time or labor with no door or gate so the only way in would be to climb over. The block house was made of logs with openings cut in the side to shoot out of if needed.

We joined the captain back on the ship where the mutineers had left only three pirates to look after. We told them we had to take some things aboard, they asked no question for they felt we knew of their plans, we mostly took rifles, lead, powder, pork, water, and a few medical supplies. As we got close to shore we saw that there was much movement of the ship. Then a loud boom, a huge splash just behind the boat, for they have been loading the cannon and had plans that we werent gone to make it to shore. Just as we had punched the surf our gig boat had (small wooden paddle boat used to travel back and forth to ship and shore) fallen apart under us.

They have it us with a cannon ball. I was standing in waist deep water but out supplies was three feet under the surface, we grabbed what we could and ran for the cover of the woods. Captain Smollett turned and shot at them but his rifle did not fire, it had gotten wet in the commotion of our boat sinking, I turned and fired and believe I may of wounded one. They followed me to the fort where we settle and built a fire to cook on. Before we got to far ahead of ourselves me and the captain went to get the supplies left in the surf.

When got all of it with no trouble for we were quick in getting it and getting back to the block house. When we returned we hung our counties color and feed the fire enough to cook on. As we were eating he heard the big gun go of. Then a ball punched though the roof and sank partly into the sand. None of us seemed to mind though for it didnt do much. But we were much in surprise of how they we able to shoot at us being so far away. It was getting dark so the smoke was not very visible from so far away.

For we were atop a hill part but, surrounded by trees. Then we relized it was the flag they were aiming at. No one was in favor of taking down our colors but by this time there were many shots outside the fort and only one inside. But no one was also in favor of getting haled by cannon balls thought the rest of the night until it was dark enough to see us. So we agreed to take it down until later.

We took turns taking guard all night though. We all awoke not too early. But it wasnt noon before gun shots started haling from the woods. We returned fire and hit many, then they tries to climb the fence, but we stoped many from climbing over, soon they stoped. We had lost no men but the captain was wounded.

A bullet barely scraped the side of his head above the ear. The doctor quickly helped him and then we noticed that Officer Hunter was dead in the corner. He was shot in the chest, we quickly buryied him. When we returned Jim Hawkins had climbed over the fence. Later that afternoon Silver waved a white flag as he came over the fence.

he had othered them a bargain, they would give him control of the house, turn over the map, and help him with his sick. They said they no and Silver went on his way. The story now goes back to Jim Hawkins point of view I had all ready told him of Ben Gunn and they believed that he could be of service to them. So that night I snuck out of the fort and started to look for Ben Gunn. I was unable to find him but in the I was able to find his homemade boat.

I got in and started paddling back around the island being safer then walking with the mutineers around the woods and drunk. But then I saw the Hispanola and decided that I would try to capture the ship. First I cut the anchor lose I got aboard to a wounded man from a drunken fight where he had killed a man. I help him and told I was captain and he would help me sail the ship (somewhere safe for the mutineers). He played along but when we landed in a small harbor he soon turned on me trying to kill me.

But I was armed with two loaded pistol and killed him and threw him in the harbor where I could see his body on the bottom. Then returned to the house where I learned that the mutineers had control of and they also had the treasure map. Why they the officers accepted his his trade I dont know. But the next day we left for the treasure me following behind by a leash that Silver held. When we got to where the treasure was buryed there was only a hole in the ground.

The pirates soon started arguing with Silver and right before Silver was ready to fight them all. Shots rang out from the woods and three out of the six pirated fell dead. Silver and I turned to see that the captain and the doctor were behind with rifles. They soon informed was that Ben Gunn had found the treasure and had moved it to a cave where he stayed. So we walked to his cave to see a huge mound of treasure, coins, diamonds, and gold.

Then as we prepared to leave, Silver was doing his best to please everyone hoping that they wouldnt leave him on the island. The next day we left, we did however leave some supplies for the other three mutineers on the island. As we left we saw them standing on a point screaming not to leave them. We informed them of the cave and sailed on, one of them shot at Silver and a bullet wizzed over his head. We stoped at port to get supplies and a small crew of men to help them on there way home. Ben Gunn them told us that he had helped Silver get away to shore with a sack of coins to help him on his wondering on his way home to his wife and family somewhere.

For Im sure his chances of comfort in another world are very small. Us, well each of us got 3,000 pounds and. Ben Gunn spent or lost all of his in weeks, but was given a job as a gatekeeper and sings in his church choir, people think of him as some what of a joke though. Captain Smollett retired and is now a grandfather to his family. Dr.

Livisey is still a doctor in Bristol but now with a family. But nothing would ever take me back to that terrible island. The End Evaluation The best thing I think I liked about Treasure Island is that something was always happening. There never was really a dole moment or a time where I thought I knew what was gonna happen next. And if I thought I did I was soon proved wrong. And one thing I really like was that in the middle of the book when Jim Hawkins and Doctor Livesely were separated instead of just picking one to write about he choose both points of the story and includes them both in the book.

Its more of a book of action then words or stories. I really cant think of any dislikes I had about the book, Im sure that there must of been some but I cant think of them being it was such a good written and laidout book. Someone I think would enjoy this book is some one that enjoys stories of actions. When stories delevop from actions rathers then someones feelings. Some books are based more on how people act and change. For me actions speak louder then words, show how a character feels, not tell me.

So this book would diffenitly be for those that are interest in action and excitement Book Reports.


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