Tragedy Is Healthy

Tragedy Is Healthy Tragedy is one of many very popular types of literature for many years. There were numerous discussions, about whether tragedy is good or bad. Philosophers feel that using the emotional instead of intellect approach is bad. The popular culture also has negative feelings toward tragedy, because optimistic thoughts are more acceptable. However, tragedy may also be healthy. Emotions are natural for every human being; in some situations emotions can help enable the individual to perceive things in another way. For example, using one’s intellect at a funeral type of environment is not suitable, however being emotional and showing sympathy is needed.

Another example would be for business people, although intellect is very important toward their decision-making many business people admit that a number of their decisions are from their instincts, hunches, and feelings. Therefore, even in situations where intellect is called for, emotions are never absolutely pushed aside. For the popular culture, most stories are made with a happy ending and the only time death occurs would be when a villain is killed. However, when all the stories are made with perfect happy endings they become fairy tales and fantasies. Unless it is stated as a fiction, some tragedy should occur. For example, even though Romeo and Juliet had a very sad ending, it has been one of the most popular love stories from generation to generation.

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The tragedy is what touches the viewers’ heart, helping them to bring out a rather sensitive side of them. Majority of the movies in popular culture has a similar plot. The good characters will live happily ever after, the prettiest girl is always with the most handsome man, and all villains have bad endings. These stories are good for entertainment and relaxations; however, tragedy may help some people to cherish what they have a little more. For example, when a story such as Romeo and Juliet show that lovers may not always be together regardless of how strong their love is, it may make couples treasure each other more than they already do, because no one knows what type of mishap can occur in the next minute.

Although the popular culture prefers to have stories with less tragedy, the viewers’ continue to watch these movies. A rather fmous one would be “Titanic”, the lover’s are separated by death. If happiness is preferred, then why do these type of movies attract so many viewers? Beside the fact that a certain actor or actress is starring in it, psychologically sad movies are the best movies to watch with another person. An article that asked the public how they relieve their fustration, listed that 74% of the poll chose to cry, and 69% of them chose to watch a sad movie. Therefore, showing one reason why these tragedies are so popular.

Most of the tragedy movies are about a couple that can give up anything to be with the person he or she loves, even his or her life. These type of movies, although very depressing, is at the same time very romantic. In the present society, most females will choose to watch these tragedy/love stories because it is about love. In conclusion, using the mind is important for business, education, and many other situations, however, being emotional is healthy for the heart and mind as well. If there is no lost, there will be no hope in further achievements. English Essays.


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