Tourism Atlantic City

Tourism – Atlantic City The Great Transformation From A Casino City To a Resort Destination Atlantic City is the place to gamble on the East Coast. Although this may initially seem to be a positive characteristic, it is evident that this destination has the capability to be so much more than it already is. This point of interest has the world’s first boardwalk, which opened in 1881, has 4 miles of hotels, amusements, and casinos. Atlantic City was originally a resort town, until 1978, when it changed into a gaming city. This popular day-trip destination had over 34 million visitors in 1998 alone. Despite this amazing statistic, along with the revenue that gambling brings in, many steps are being taken in order to further promote the expansion of this great city. The renovations and improvements being made to the Atlantic City Convention Center are already increasing the amount of money coming in.

There is a great deal of other things to focus on in the Atlantic City region. In endorsing local attractions in this scenic area, and in shifting the target market of this spot, this city would change back into a resort destination. When most people think of Atlantic City, the first thing that comes to mind is the casino attractions that are available. With the city’s constant shuffle and excitement, gamblers from all over go there dreaming of a big win. Many people consider Atlantic City to be the “Las Vegas of the East Coast”.

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There are over 12 casinos, with one building as magnificent as the next. At any given second of the day, these hopefuls may have their lives changed in an instant with just one win. These casino hotels gain most of their income from gamblers. Casinos employ almost 49,000 people every year. This number should actually jump when the Marina District opens. Although Atlantic City prospers as a gambler’s paradise, many would love to show others just how much more Atlantic City really has to offer its tourists.

The Atlantic City Convention Center, built in 1929, was renovated with $72 million in 1997. With the world’s largest pipe organ, everyone from the Beatles to Pavarotti has played there. It was designated a historic landmark in 1987. Conventions, trade shows, meetings, and public events of the greater Atlantic City area all take place here. When the renovation is finally completed, it will seat up to 12,000 people for special events. Such events include boxing, ice hockey and basketball.

In addition, concerts and family entertainment such as Disney on Ice will take place there. Modernizing its facilities made quite a change in the casino numbers brought in. Between January and October 1996, the drop was $33 billion. However, during the same period in 1997, the drop was $37 billion. The total win went from $3.2 billion to 3.5 billion. These are just casino numbers that changed due to this renovation.

Keep in mind that there are also restaurant, theater, retail, and hotel numbers. These changes among many others will help to change Atlantic City into a travel destination. In addition, switching the focus off the casinos will also increasing sales. In changing the target market to families, more visitors will probably come. Perhaps if it was publicized that Atlantic City has the gift of the Atlantic Ocean, people tourists would realize how much there really is to do there other than gamble. Fishing, parasailing, and beach activities may consume their days.

Perhaps if many hotels offered some sort of childcare in the evenings so that these adults may go out and gamble at night, there would be more families visiting here. There are so many historic places to visit that many prospective vacationers most likely know of. For example, Renault Winery, the oldest in the United States, is just moments away. Planet Hollywood, with its glamour and stimulation, has a location in Atlantic City. Its famous boardwalk has many attractions, including Ocean One (an oceanliner – shaped mall), a Warner Brothers store, and the store “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” all located right there.

Lastly, the Miss America Pageant is held in Atlantic City each year. If more focus was placed on these non-gaming activities, perhaps more people would come to Atlantic City as a resort rather than a place for a day-trip. Ultimately, these steps taken should all help to transform Atlantic City back into the resort destination it once was. The future of hospitality would be greatly changed if this city were to take on such a makeover. It is absolutely vital that these alterations take place. After all, there is so much more to this beautiful location than staying indoors in casinos constantly.

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