Topic: The legal side of downloading and burning C


General Purpose: To informSpecific Purpose: To inform my audience what can happen when you download
and burn cd’s from the internet.

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Thesis Statement: To inform my audience of the laws, consequences, and ways
to prevent getting into trouble with downloading and burning cd’s of the

I. Shawn Fanning, the godfather of Napster, was quoted of saying, “You
can’t stop technology,” and that is exactly what got him into so much

II. Napster was only the beginning of what was about to come in lawsuits
against peer to peer down loaders.

III. Today I will help provide you with some helpful information about
downloading music and movies off the internet, such as:
A. First, I will inform you on what the laws are about peer to peer
downloading and what the copyright laws are.

B. Second, I will explain the consequences of getting caught downloading
music illegally.

C. And lastly, give you ways to prevent yourself from getting into trouble.

(Transition: Now I know many people in this room are saying themselves- I
download and burn cd’s off the internet , did I do it legally and
I. Chances are that you did it illegally, which means you have committed a
federal offence, is what Sharon Bradman said on

A. According to the RIAA, the copyright laws were made so you could copy
and publish your own work without someone stealing it.

1. If you have downloaded music from peer to peer programs, it is illegal.

2. If you take those files, put them on a CD, and sell them for a profit
you are committing a huge crime.

B. Some companies can also be dangerous in getting you in trouble.

1. Companies that ask for money and have been licensed are OK and they have
great quality as well.

2. Companies can still ask for money and not be licensed, so you must be

3. When or if the company gets sued, your identity is given as well and
that could get you sued by the RIAA.

(Transition: Now that you know some legalities of downloading music off the
internet, let me tell you the consequences of getting caught.)
II. Downloading has serious consequences, is what Beth Ann Bergsmark said

A. Peer to peer down loaders can be punished in different ways.

1. University students can be punished by the administration with community
service and loss of internet privileges.

2. Legal cases can be settled by paying record companies a certain amount
of money per song which varies from case to case.

B. Annette Rowe said on that, ” There are
many other consequences to downloading music besides the legal ones.”
1. Through peer to peer downloading, you are giving the other peers
information that could give them access to your hard drive.

2. They can download and give viruses to you hard drive.

3. You also give them access to all of your personal files.

(Transitions: You might ask yourself what you can do to avoid all of this
III. Susan Crabtree, a reporter for Daily Variety, said, “There are many
different ways to avoid getting in trouble with the RIAA, you must know the
A. Understand the copyright laws is important.

1. Don’t download or publish copyrighted material without complying to the
owners requirements.

2. Avoid downloading free material on the internet.

B. “Avoiding legal and technical problems from downloading off the internet
is easier that what you think,” is what Gordon Masson said, in Billboard.

1. Don’t download stuff with peer to peer file sharing programs.

2. Don’t make copies and sell them to other people.

(Transition: As you can see there are many things that probably should
concern you as an audience)
I. In the five to seven minutes that I have been talking to you over 1700
files were downloaded on Karzaa, the largest file sharing company.

II. Downloading music by MP3’s is done by almost everyone in todays world
and you people needed to be informed on:
A. The copyright Laws of peer to peer downloading music on the internet.

B. The Consequences of getting caught.

C. And ways to prevent getting into trouble with downloading music on the

III. If you download music on the internet you must ask yourself two
A. Am I a legal downloader?
B. Or could I be in big trouble?


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