Todays Mafia

.. der the heel of the mob. , 8 Jan. 1997. .

Ed. Eleanor Goldstein. Boca Raton, FL: Social Issues Resources Ser., 1997. Crime vol. 1 art. 99.

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Cook is a reporter for a newspaper of a city located about thirty miles from New York City. He has been with the chronicle for six years and writes for them on a consistent basis. (General newspaper web page) Cook displays the true accounts of the brutal and meteoric rise of John Johnny-Boy Gotti from a Brooklyn bone breaker to lord of the Gambino Family. Cook tells that many of the murder attempts are unsuccessful of postponed due to the police force. He also gives us a synopsis of how Gotti’s ways of laundering money through legitimate NYC businesses caused him to become very suspicious in all illegal activity cases. Inman, William H.

The Mob in the Sun Belt. , 26 Jan, 1993: E1+ . Ed. Eleanor Goldstein. Boca Raton, Fl: Social Issues Resources Ser.,1997 Crime vol., 3 art.

66. William Inman is a retired Detroit policeman with twenty six years of law enforcement experience. He did an eighteen month study on the sun-belt region mobsters.(Florida, Texas, California) Inman states that the Colombo families main activities include loan sharking, gambling, smuggling, and narcotics. This family guides much of its attention to the states of Florida and Texas due to its easily accessibility to the southern borders. Between the Bannanno and Luchesse families the main focus of criminal activity is pornography and counterfeiting.

This spreads mostly throughout the southwestern portion of the U.S.(Texas, Arizona, New Mexico.) Nash, Robert. Organized Crime the Whole Story, New York: Da Capo, 1992. Jay Robert Nash is a three time winner of the American Library Association’s Best reference work award, he also won the Edgar Allen Poe award for one of his encyclopedia publishing. He currently resides in Chicago. Nash relates most of the Mafia today back to the famous Al Capone. Born Alphonse Capone he was the head gangster of the Prohibition stage. In the 1920’s he took over a NY organization dealing in illegal liquor, gambling, and prostitution.

Convicted on income tax evasion in 1931 he was sentenced to eleven years in prison. He was soon released eight years later in 1939, and currently reside in Miami Beach, Florida. —. World Encyclopedia of Organized Crime, New York: Da Capo, 1990. Same author as above.

In this award winning text Nash reveals all of the background information on over 2,500 organized crime criminals. Joe Bannano illegally entered the U.S. in 1924 from Havana, Cuba. Soon Joe went to NY to help deals with Al Capone. After nearly being captured for racketeering he fled to Sicily in 1938.

Soon he returned back to the U.S. to be arrested in 1941 for attempted murder and counterfeiting. Thomas Lucchese was born in Palermo Sicily in 1900. He was also popular in the 1920’s for his work with the famous Lucky Luciano. Soon he was arrested for extortion, theft, and murder.

While in jail a brain tumor was discovered on the left side of his brain and he died in 1967. Ragle, Larry. Crime Scene, New York: Avon Books, 1995. One of the nation’s top criminalist, Larry ragle has investigated countless high-profile homicides during his 35- year career as a forensic scientist. In the Crime Scene, Ragle displays the tactics used to trace back to the killers of Lucky Luciano, Vito Genovese, and George Nelson.

Luck Luciano was getting of a plane in Naples, when a stray bullet struck him in the lower spine. The way the murderer was found was by the fingerprint left on the shell that the bullet came out of. When the person was loading the gun their fingerprints got on the bullet. Genovese, and Nelson were similar cases. Both of these criminals were murdered in their prison cells. Vito and George were killed in a brawl in the prison courtyard.

Sifakis, Carl. The Encyclopedia of American Crime, New York: Smithmark, 1992. Carl Sifakis is a crime reporter and writer. Before he became a freelance writer, he worked for the UPI, and the Buffalo News. He is the author of The Catalog of Crime as well as several other books on crime-related issues.

Sifakis lives in NYC. Biographies of some 1,000 gangsters, swindlers, assassins, cutthroats, prostitutes, and leg-breakers. There are detailed descriptions of various types of crimes; explanation of con-games and swindles. It also displays the way of the histories of law enforcement agencies, and federal agencies. Trimble, Alan, Top Sicilian Mafia boss gives evidence. Reuters 23 Aug.

1996. CD News from Newsbank, Inc. Trimble is an editor for the Rueters Magazine out of Washington D.C. Although New York seems to be the place where the most Mafia action occurs, many other areas are influenced by the Mafia. People think The Mafia only exists in New York.

Ironically enough NYC ranks 19 out of 25 cities for the most Mafia action. Cities like San Jose, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Rockford Ill., rank within the top ten. The smaller cities deal with credit-card fraud, hijacking, prostitution, and gambling. Also, many illegal business frons include fast food restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and car dealerships. Wiedner, Sandra. A deal America must Refuse., April 1986: 22+ .

Ed. Eleanor Goldstein. Boca Raton, FL: Social Issues Resources Ser.,1997 Crime vol., 3 art. 19. Wiedner is a writer for the American Legion, a very prestigious magazine dealing with law enforcement. She writes how the Mafia and organized crime run hand and hand, one cannot go without the other.

Both of these forms of activity have been around since the late 1800’s, and police say it is not disappearing too fast. She also says that the migration from Italy has brought over many Italian criminals and crime tactics which does not help the American police departments. Italy in general, has added to the crimelist of the Mafia for over a hundred years. Worsnop, Richard, Mafia Crackdown. 27 March 1992. . Ed.

Eleanor Goldstein, Boca Raton, FL: Social Issues Resources Ser., 1997. Corrections vol.4, art.86. Richard Worsnop has been a police officer for over seventeen years. He has worked on many occasions side by side with the FBI on Mafia cases. He will retire in early 1998, and reside in Florida.

Worsnop says that the Italian Mafia has always been based on the island of Sicily and southern tip of the mainland. Traffic in drugs, chiefly in heroin, provides the bulk of the Mafia’s revenue from Sicily. Cocaine is uprising more and more each year. Many Italian families are an influence on the Mafia. Such families as the Colombo’s, the Bannanno’s, the Luchesse’s, and the Gambino’s.

All migrated from Italy and play a huge role in the American crime problem. Although, the Bannanno and Luchesse families do not play as strong of a role as the Gambino and Colombo families. Current Events.


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