To Kill A Mockingbird

Interviewer: How do you feel about the way you were portrayed in this book?
Scout: I think that I was portrayed very well and I enjoyed the character very much. I think my character
was very daring and also exciting. Through the many adventures I had I liked my character even more than
I thought it would be.

Interviewer: What was your most difficult moment in the book? What was going through your mind at that
Scout: That is kind of a hard question but I thought the most adventurous yet exciting part of my part was
when I dared Jem to touch the house of Radley, the man that is known to suck the blood of kids. A very
well known man in town.

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Interviewer: If you could change any of your actions in the book, what would you do differently?
Scout: I think that in the story there wasn’t much that I would like to change but one thing that I would have
liked my character to do was to show to the people in my town to know that not every black man is bad.
Many people in my town happen to stereotype people that are black, but I should have taught them that
they are not at all bad.

Interviewer: How did you really feel about the other main characters in the book?
Scout: I really enjoyed the other main characters. One character I liked what Jem, because no matter what
you tell him he tries to act big. In the beginning when we dared him to touch Boo Radley’s house, he didn’t
show any emotion. Even though he was scared he was acting like he was big.

Interviewer: Describe your strengths and weaknesses to me.

Scout: My strengths are that everytime I get into something, I never let go. My weakness is that whatever
rumor I hear I always believe it. For the case of Boo Radley I judge him by what people said about him
without really meeting him.

Interviewer: What would you like us to know about you that wasn’t covered in the book?
Scout: My other characteristics is that I often like to chat and share rumors with others. I often like to share
rumors but sometimes it becomes a habit of me.
Interviewer: What are your feelings about the way your author ended the book?
Scout: I felt really good about the ending because I learned a lesson by playing this part in the book. I
learned that you should never judge a person on their looks or any rumors that go around. By listening to
the rumors lead by others in my town I have learned that Boo Radley also known as Mr. Authur Radley is a
nice and kind gentlemen.

Interviewer: Now that you have everyone’s attention, is there anything else that you’d like to say?
Scout: I would just like to say to everyone listening out there to also get to know the person better before
you spread any rumors. Like they say “It is easy to spread the rumor, but replacing the rumor to the truth is
hard.” Just get to know the person and you may find that person very nice and kind.

Don’t judge by looks, judge by the heart. You are hear on this earth to love one another.


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