To Kill A Mockingbird Plot Summary

.. f show a change from children to a young adult. And that have just end Jem childhood. 4. Dill tries to explain to Scout why he did not want to stay with his mother and stepfather. State his reasons brieflly in your own words.

Dill reason mainly about running away is that his mother re- marriage with his stepfather, they are kind to him, but always doesn’t seem to want him around, and he is not happy at the house at all. Chapter 15 1. Atticus discusses the Ku Klux Klan on p149 and concludes by saying that the Klan is gone. Is this statement correct? Explain. I think the Klan is not gone yet.

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I mean the actually Klan back at nineteen-twenty maybe gone, but same type of people might just appear again now. 2. Describe events prior to the scene at Maycomb jail that show the tension and unrest of the town. Be specific. One night a group of men come to Atticus and warn him that tarnsferring Tom to Maycomb jail might be danger, as well, during the night where Tom is in Maycomb jail, all this mod come to the front of the jail and wanted to take Tom.

This 2 examples who how un-rest the people in Maycomb were. And during the talk between Atticus and the mods in front of the jail, there are a reporter at the back throughtout the whole event, with his shotgun ready to protect Atticus, this show the tension this event have brought to people around it. 3. Discuss the inory of the following statement and the situation which it describes on p 153. “..there followed what I later realized was a sickeningly comic aspect of an unfunny situation: the man talked in near-whispers”.

This statement made by Scout was showing how she didn’t realize how serious the situation is. Since she is looking at it from her point of view, and she didn’t Atticus might be in dangers. 4. Why does Jem openly defy Atticus and refuse to leave? Jem know Atticus is in trouble and didn’t want to leave his father there by himself. 5.

What does Scout’s childish attemp at conversation accomplish? Explain. Scout try to look for a someone she know, and finally, she found Mr. Cunningham. She attemp to start a conversation by asking him about the entailment, and then send a greeting to his son. When he respond, the tension dissipates, and Mr. Cunningham disperses the crowd.

Part 3 Chapter 16-21 1. Atticus is in disagreement with Aunt Alexandra over many things. Discuss at least two matters of disagreement and each one’s position or point of view. Atticus was a little short with Aun Alexandra when he tells her Calpurnia has the right to speak about anything she chooses. He doesn’t lose his temper, however, he always calm and rational. 2. Paraphrase how Atticus explains the mod’s actions to Scout.

Atticus explain to Scout that although a mod sometimes seems to act of its own accord, it really is made up of individuals. If you can make the members of a mod realize that they still have personal choices, you can destory it. For example, when Scout called attention to Mr. Cunningham she reminded him that he was a man and a father. 3. Why do you supppose a man like Mr.

Underwood (who is a knownhater of Negroes) was covering Atticus at the jail? This have shown us that he still believe in the right of each man to a legal trial. 4. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is evidently a complicated and interesting person. Describe his way of life and comment on its effect upon the town. Mr. Dolphus in someway is similar to Atticus.

He like Negroes, he prefers the company of negroes than white man, but he doesn’t have the courage to do it. So, he present himself as a drinker so people might think he is drunk and excuse him from his action. Chapter 17 1. Atticus spends a great deal of time discussing Mayella Ewell’s injuries. What does he seem to want to reveal? When he talk about Mayella injuries, he have notices and said that all the injuries is in the right hand side of her face, and must be a left hand person did that.

2. The Ewells are “poor white trash” Explain this term according to what you know about the way they live and the kind of people they have appeared to be up to this point. They live in a great squalor behind the town garbage dump, where there are no windows in their shackm only holes in the wallls. The children play with anything they can found in the garbage dump that’s not eatable. And no one know for sure how old is their children. Some say six, some say nine years old. Chapter 18 1. Mayella Ewell is both disgusting and patheic.

Give examples of both qualities by quoting statements she makes. When Atticus ask her whether her father ever goes after her, she pause and look around in the courtroom before she reply that her father had “never touched a hair o’my head”. 2. What is so important about Tom Robinson’s physical appearance? What, according to the testimony, does this prove beyond a doubt? Tom’s left hand is 12 inchs shorter than his right arm, and it is almost completely useless. And from before where we found out that Mayella right side of her face is injuries, and it should be done by a left handed people.(remember we just said Tom left hand is completely useless?) Chapter 19 1.

In contrast to the Ewells, what kind of person is Tom Robinson? Explain with evidence. During the trial, we understand Tom is a more horest person, where you can see when he answer question in the court. 2. Why does Atticus mention Tom’s previous record of conviction? Somehow by mentioning Tom previous record, it make Tom a more respectable person. 3. According to Tom’s testimony, what actually happened on November 21? Be specific. One the day the rape was supposed to have happened, Mayella asked him to come inside the house to fix a door. But once they were alone together, Mayella kissed him.

Tom’s reaction to this was panic. he knew that any involvement with Mayella would mean trouble. He ask Mayella to let him pass by, but she didn’t, and she move in front of the door. Tom didn’t want to push her. It is while she was hugging Tom when Mr.

Ewell saw them throught the window, and Tom ran always with confusion. 4. What “mistake” did Tom make in saying that he felt “sorry” for Mayella? By saying that, it tell other people Tom care about Mayella, and it is not right, since he is black, and Mayella is white. 5. Explain Scout’s statement that “she (Mayella) was lonelier than Boo Radley”. Scout think that Mayella didn’t mean to hurt Tom.

She only wanted affection. Now one wany or another, Mayella’s father has convinced her that accusing Tom is the only was to restore the family’s lost pride. Chapter 20 1. How does Mr. Raymond defend his deliberate appearance of drunkenness? When Dill drink from Mr. Raymond bottle, Dill was suprised when the drunk turn out to be Coca-Cola.

Mr Raymond explain that by appearing to be drunk he offers people an excuse for his outrageous behavior. He tell said he prefers to live with the negroes but he realize the town people can’t never accept him if they knew the truth. 2. Why does he tell Scout and Jem about his life? Mr. Raymound told the children his secret because he knows they are young enough not to have been inflected by the thinking of prejudiced adult.

Their innocence allows them to see through the artifical barrier of color and to accept an individual for what he is. 3. In five or six sentences, paraphrase Atticus’ summation (closing speech) to the jury. Atticus says that he feels pity for Mayella because didn’t commit a crime, but in fact broken a moral code of society. She is guilty of breaking the code and trying to cover it up by accusing Tom Roninson. Tom’s motive for helping Mayella was simply that he felt “sorry” for her.

Not everyone is created equal. Some are smarter, soem are born richer, some have better job, etc. All people should be equal in a court. Chapter 21 1. How does Scout “know” about the verdict before she hears it? The Children expect a easy victory from all the evidence give.

But their youth and innocence they had not know of the other, evil forces that would not allow a “not guilty” verdict. 2. Why do the Negroes stand when Atticus leaves the courtroom? Because they think he is a hero to them, since they know that even though he lost the case he fought as hard as he could. Part 4 Chapter 22-31 1. How does Atticus feel when the verdict is announced? Atticus feel this is not right, and decide to appeal the case.

He have also point out that this is not the first time justice has been mocked by white people. 2. After Jem expresses disillusionment over the trial and the verdict, Miss Maudie defends the town and its people. Paraphrase what she say to Jem. From what Miss Maudie told Jem, the jurys ways of doing things have been change. Usually, this kind of case result will be ready in a minute.

But this time it take a long time. As well, she also point out that Judge Taylor have found Tom best lawyer possible, which is Atticus – instead of using an un-experience Maxwell Green. Miss Maudie use this two things to defends the town and showing sign of change. 3. What cause Miss Maudie to say that at least they have made a “baby step” in the right direction? What make her say that is the things Maycomb did during this event, people have changed a little bit.

But there are still along way to go before black and white can be equal. 4. What kind of clown does Dill decide to be? Explain his reasoning. He want to be a clown when he grow up, the reason is that “There ain’t one thing in this world I can do about folks except laugh..” Chapter 23 1. How does Atticus react to Bob Ewell against him? Atticus is not unduly upset by Bob Ewell’s threat.

He knows that Bob is angry because even though he won the case, he was shown up as a liar in front of the whole town. And Atticus feels sure that Bob won’t act on his threat. 2. Explain Atticus’ statement about the following: a. reasonable doubt This show his worry toward Tom Robinson, and how the appeal will turn out. b. “When it’s a white man’s word against a black man’s, the white man always wins”.

Atticus is saying how the sociaty is prejudice against black people, and the law system is not fair to the black man at all. c. “People have a way of carrying their resentments right into the jury box”. Atticus are saying that people in the jury box are judging the case with resentment. d.

“It’s all adding up, and one of these days we are going to pay the bill for it”. Atticus are trying to say that all these things we are doing to the black peoples one day black people might just do the same thing to us. 3. Briefly show the difference in attitude toward the Cunninghams as expressed by: a. Atticus Cunninghams are one of the jury, and he wanted to acquit Tom Robinson.

And he is the person who held the jury decision. Atticus agree the children to be friend with Cunninghams. b. Aunt Alexandra When the children said want to be friend with Cunninghams, she disagree, she said they are trash, their background is difference from them, as well, the children raised by their father have a very difference value. 4. Why can’t Jem accept Scout’s opinion that there is “just one kind of folks–folks” Because believe there many difference type of people, and they are not the same “folks”.

Chapter 24 1. What unfortunate characteristics do the ladies of the missionary circle display? Do you think this is typical of such groups? This people are speaking with compassion for the neglicted tribes of Africa while insulting and demeaning the Negroes who work in their homes. I think this is very typical of such groups since this is a group of white people, where the must be all alike each other characteristics. And as we know Aunt Alexandra don’t really like Negro, so we can expect the whole group is like this. 2.

Discuss the irony of Mrs. Merriweather’s admiration for J. Grimes Everett and her attitude toward the trial. Saying that the trial is prejudice against black people, and it can’t never be fair to the black. 3.

Scout feels she prefers men to women. Why? Do you agree with her reasons? She generally prefers the company of men who do not try to insinuate their criticism behind false praise. Men, she thinks, are more forthright. 4. What does Miss Maudie mean by “we’re paying the highest tribute we can pay a man”? I think they are refering to Atticus.

Where Atticus is such a great man that they pay the highest tribute they can. Chapter 25 1. How does most of the town react to Tom’s death? Most part of the town people are not really interested of what happen to Tom. And they are just thinking it was a “typical of a nigger to cut and run”. 2.

In what way is Mr. Underwood’s editorial in the Maycomb Tribune similar to Atticus’ advice to Jem and Scout when they got their guns? Mr Underwoods say it is a sin to kill s cripple just as it is a sin to kill innocent songbird. Chapter 26 1. Scout is growing up. Explain her feelings now about: a. their former cruel games concerning Boo Radley When she walk pass Boo’s place, she regard of what she did in the pass.

And she now hold no terror of Boo’s place. b. her remaining desire to see Boo in person She is still wondering about see Boo in person. c. Atticus’ apparent knowledge about their previous activities Atticus told Scout that Jem have no forget about the trial, but she is just storing it in her memory, and put it away until he is better prepare to deal with it.

d. “Cuurent Event” During school, where the teacher is explaining the difference between democracy and dictatorship, the teacher use Uniied States as an example, and Scout was wondering how can they call themselves democracy when they are still prejudice against Negroes. 2. What is the irony of Miss Gates’ lecture on democracy when compared to her comments at the trial? The irony is that US will be changing and make it fair between Black and White, and in order to become a true demoracy country. 3.

When Scout tries to tell Jem about Miss Gates, why does he react so violently? Explain Atticus’ answer to her about this. Atticus explain that Jem is still not ready to deal with the trial event yet. He have store that event in her memory until she is prepare for it. Chapter 27 1 What were the three threatening things that had happened in Maycomb by the middle of October? First, Bob Ewell got and lost his job, and he complained that Atticus had the job taken from him. Second, someone tried to break into Judge Taylor’s house, and third, Helen Robinson, had given a job by former Tom’s employer, Link Deas. 2.

Why do Atticus and Aunt Alexandra not intend to go to the Hallowe’en pageant? Atticus and Aunt Alexandra have the feeling that Bob Ewell will not give up that easy, and feel the there will be something happen. Chapter 28 1. What does Cecil Jacobs do before the pageant which helps setup the incidents which occur after the pageant? Cecil Jacobs, jump out all the suddent from the darkness, during the walk to the pageant of Scout and Jem, and fighten them. 2. What things do Jem and Scout think the noise might be? They thought there is someone following them.

3. How many people is finally involved in the skirmsh under the tree? 4 people: Scout, Jem, Boo Radley, and Bob Ewell – which is shot by a kitchen knife on his ribs. Chapter 29 1. Who saved Jem and Scout? Boo Radley. The costume Scout wear saved her life, since it blocked the knife and end up on Bob Ewell.

2. Atticus and Heck Tate disagree over the essential worth of Bob Ewell. Whom do you agree with and why? I agree with Heck Tate more, just because the things that Bob have done. Blaming Tom for raping, being un-polite to Atticus, trying to kill Scout and Jem. 3.

Briefly describe the meeting beteeen Scout and Boo. How does this compare to how she imagines thee meeting would be? This time, when Scout saw Boo standing in the dark corning all alone, then she realize that’s Boo. Chapter 30 1. There seems to be an immediate understanding between Scout and Boo. Why do you think this do so? The connection start where Heck Tale said if they drag Boo into the limelight, is like killing a mockingbird. Scout fully understand the reason not to kill a mockingbird.

Scout acknowledges that this is as much of a sin as killing an inncoent songbird. 2. Atticus and Heck Tale have a heated argument. Does either of them really believe what he saying? Atticus that Jem was the one who stabbed Boo for self defence. But Heck said no, he said it is Bob felt on his knife. At first Atticus thought Heck is trying to cover up for Jem, but later he realize he is trying to cover up for Boo, since it is necessary for Boo to kill Bob in order to save the children life.

3. How does Scout assure Atticus that Mr. Tate is right? Scout tell Atticus that putting Boo into the limelight is like killing a mockingbird. Chapter 31 1. When she takes Boo home, Scout understands many things as she sees the street from this new point of view. Explain some of the things she “sees” now. As she is standing in front of Boo place, she realize the view from Boo’s place is completely difference.

From that point, looking at their own house, where she see herself playing with Jem all through the four session. And after all this year Boo have watch them play, Scout and Jem are kind of like become Boo’s children. when they need help, Boo will be there for them. 2. Describe the feelings you experienced as you read the closing scene.

I have found that Boo have been in a very sad position, where he watch this kid playing everyday on the street, but he couldn’t come out. And he have fall in love with this kid so much that they are like his children. But I have also see that when you have look at things in difference angles, it maybe completely difference, and it might be a big supprise, too.


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