To Kill A Mocking Bird

To Kill A Mocking Bird To Kill A Mockingbird Outcasts, they are part of every society, yet they cause no harm. Society outcasts dont choose their status, instead society it self chooses it for them. An outcast is usually the type of person who is different, and because of their oddity they are rejected. Society seems to tend and discard them on grounds that they arent what society defines as normal. People casted out are considered a threat to the rest of society, because they endanger the, normalcy, that society continuously struggles to obtain.

Rejected from society, some of these outcasts will; isolate themselves, despise and torment others, or try to be accepted in to society by doing whatever necessary. They are often taunted, compared, put up with, restricted, and/or penalized by society for being who they are. All they need to survive is their families, shelter, friends, and sometimes the need for a feeling of acceptance. I feel, on the other hand, while people try so hard to perfect there society, they dont realize their own problems which leads to their downfall in the end. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird there were several model people rejected from society in one way or another. Atticus Finch, one of the main characters in the story, was more of an accepted outcast because he was respected, but was still different from the rest of society.

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Through out the story Atticus was fairly respected and even in some cases a vital part of society because of his knowledge, and skills. He wasnt like the rest of society which left him out of the clique called society. He kept his thoughts and opinions to himself, did no gossiping of others, minded his own business, and treated everyone as an equal to him if not more. I think he was one of the wisest characters in the story as he always took everything into its proper perspective and stood up for what he believed in. He was more of a positive force towards society than a negative, all ways helping when needed. One of his most respected qualities is always being polite and treating people equally despite their social or society status.

Although he wasnt like everyone else he didnt need to be, just to be accepted instead he kept to himself and delivered no threat to societies desired normalcy. In the end the outcome of his actions were accepted by society and Atticus was looked up to by some, but still despised by others. Another character was Tom Robinson, a black man, and the time this story was taking place colored people were discriminated against on terms of race. Tom Robinson was very much one of the out casts of society. He had special laws and rules to obide by because he wasnt white, or the preferred race of the society. He was different because of the color of his skin and that scared the society he lived in.

He tried his hardest to be respectful and nice to the white people in order to hopefully be accepted. This led to his downfall as he would of, and did, do anything in order to be accepted. I believe he was smart not to disobey, but he should not have done so much for other people just to have the feeling of belonging. I believe if Tom would have been more aware of the positions and situations he was putting him self in, in order to be accepted, then he could have prevented his predicament. Boo Radley, one of the more mysterious characters in the story, never appeared in front of society instead isolated, or instead the society isolated, himself in his house with family.

Boo was abnormal, in a retarded form, his family most likely chose to keep him isolated from society, so that he wouldnt have to deal with their harshness and unacceptance. I believe Boo was one of the smartest characters in this novel despite his handicap, if society didnt want to accept him then it was their problem. As shown in the end of the story when Boo made his first appearance he did nothing, but good to society and only if it was realized sooner he could have been a great contribution to society. Boo was a lucky person to not have had to been tormented by society because of his deformities. Bob Ewell was an uneducated derelict of society.

He did no good and was despised by everyone. He was uneducated and always filthy dirty which made people look down on him. He was a trouble maker and lire, but was still favored over the black community of people despite the despise people have for him. I believe that society may have done the right thing by rejecting him as a punishment for his actions and cruelty, but maybe that action is what made him the way he was. Bob Ewell finally got what was coming to him in the end of the story because of his attempt to hurt Jem, Atticuss son. In the end when viewed at from a wide perspective he can be thanked for one reason as he led to the great discovery of Boo Radley.

Despite the disadvantages to being a outcast of society there are many advantages not seen. I believe that it is society that has the problem if someone is rejected because in most of the cases they are casted out for the wrong reasons. Those outcasts need to realize that they are better off without society, if society chooses to cast you out then youre probably going to be better off with out them. To Kill A Mockingbird revolved around its outcastd characters and reflected on them to show that 99% of the outcasts are better off without societies cruel discriminations and injustice, in my opinion. I will all ways despise people who try to fit in to certain cliques and would do anything to be accepted into them, because thats wrong.

You shouldnt have to do anything special to be accepted into society, so if your rejected then your probably going to be better off that way anyway. Bibliography none Book Reports.


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