To Be Or Not To Be Translation

To Be Or Not To Be Translation Should I or should I not kill myself, that is the question: Is it more sensible to suffer the problem of my fate, or to fight against the dilemmas, Will my resistance end their persistence? To pass away, to repose – By no means – and by death we can stop the agony and the numerous pains that man is exposed to. This is the final settlement of all matters. To perish, to rest; To relax, perhaps to fantasize. There’s the obstacle that disturbs and hurts others; When we disguise this horrible reality, then we must rest. There’s the consideration we have for the tragedy so long-lived. Who would or could tolerate the problems and pains of life, The tyrant’s mistaken, the pride of a man’s rudeness, The pain of detested affection, and the delay of justice, the arrogance of officials and the treatment that worthy men receive, When he could possibly settle his own account with a mere dagger. Who would withstand this burden, To suffer and agonize under a hard existence, But the uncertainty of afterlife, The unknown area, which will not let a visitor return, if he takes that course of action, it baffles the mind and makes us endure the pains of life we possess, then to conceive ones that we don’t recognize? Consequently, the mind creates chickens of us; and our natural feelings are affected with the fear of our ideas, And we undertake the great risk and the consequences sway us away from our initial and correct course, And we lose the force that drives us.

But hush! The pure Ophelia! A beautiful girl who has not undergone change, in my prayers Let all my sins be remembered. Shakespeare Essays.

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