Thursdays Concert

Thursday’s Concert Thursday we had an Andean concert. Condor Conspiracy, a five member group, played. Two of the members have played for us before. The group played a variety of instruments like the bomba, the flute, the armadillo ukulele and the pan pipes. The songs they played were very simple, and almost even boring.

It was earthy sounding. The songs sounded a little like hippie music. However, I appreciated that they did tell us the name of each song, and provided background information, which keeps me interested and helps hold my attention. For example, the armadillo ukulele is the only instrument with a minor tuning. Also, the pan pipes are tuned by dropping lentils one by one in the pipes.

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My favorite part of the concert was the rain forest song. It imitated the rain forest throughout the day, starting out quiet, growing slowly, and ending quiet again. One instrument started, and they added more one by one, then back slowly to the original instrument. In conclusion, I enjoyed the concert. It wasnt as great as some of the other concerts weve had this year, but it was interesting.

I guess Im just not a big Andean music fan. Music Essays.


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