Three Little Pigs

November 8, 1999
The Three Little Pigs
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs that were kicked out of their birth home by their parents and told to live life on there own. These three little pigs were ready to build their own homes and get secure jobs. The first little pig was lazy, overweight and did not like to work at all. He wanted to take the easy path, and built a house out of straw which could barely support its own weight. After he was finished building his insecure house of straw, he decided to visit his brothers. He danced down the dirt path, to see how they were progressing with their homes.

The second little pig was building himself a house also, but he too, like his brother, was a lazy little pig that did not like to work much. He also decided to take the easy path of life, and make his home simply out of sticks. In no time at all, he finished building the cheap house. However, it too was insecure.
After the work was completed, the second little pig was free to do what he liked to best. He decided to dance and play his fiddle. As he played his fiddle, his brother, the first little pig arrived tooting on his stainless steel flute. They both danced while the second little pig sang: I built my house out of sticks,
I built my house out of twigs.

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With a hey diddle-diddle
I play on my fiddle,
And dance all kinds of jigs.

Then, the two brothers made their way down the treacherous till they came upon the third brother.
The third brother, the hard working egotistical type, chose to build his house out of Acme brick. He knew the big bad wolf was waiting until they got out on their own, before he tried one of his indecorous attempts at catching a feast. Rapidly he worked, slap, slosh, slap, laying red bricks, and smoothing fresh made mortar in between each layer of bricks.
Ha ha ha! laughed his two brothers as he steadily worked.
Come down and play with us! the two little pigs yelled, but the busy little pig kept on working even harder than he was before they came. Then he yelled down to them: I built my house of stones.

I built my house of bricks.

I have no chance
To sing and dance,
For work and play dont mix.

Ho ho ho! Ha ha ha! laughed the two overweight little pigs as they danced happily along with the tune of their fiddle and flute.
You can laugh and sing, said the little pig as he stacked the bricks, but, Ill be safe and youll be sorry when the viscous wolf comes to visit you!
The two vulnerable little pigs danced new beats and songs as they walked away from their brothers house not knowing that the big bad wolf was hiding ahead. As they sang:
Whos afraid of the big bad wolf,
The big bad wolf, the big bad wolf?
Whos afraid of the big bad wolf?
Tra la la la-a-a-a!
When the first pig reached his door, the big bad wolf popped his head out from behind a tree. The little pig saw the wolf, squealed for his life, and then ran into his house.
Little pig, little pig, let me in! the wolf growled at the pig.

Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin! said the little pig.
Then Ill huff and Ill puff and Ill blow you weak straw house in! roared the wolf.

So he blew the fragile straw house to pieces! The little pig ran as fast as he could to his brothers house was made of sticks. As soon as the exhausted pig reached his brothers and made it inside, they heard a knock on the door. It was the drooling wolf, and he wanted to come in.

The big bad wolf thought that he could trick the little pigs, so he left the pigs house and hid behind a big oak tree. As soon as he left, the pigs opened the door and looked around for the wolf, but he was not in sight. So they went back in and were beginning to


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