This Essay Is For Studenst Who Have Recently Been Asked To Write A Comedy About Wombats Here Is A Little Help To Get You Star

This Essay is for studenst who have recently been asked to write a comedy about wombats. Here is a little help to get you started. Lookout for Wombats. Nack Nack. Have you ever heard that before, perhpas you have.

Nack Nack is the sound that wombats emmit at a super low frequency. 4 hertz is the frequency and when you hear that it makes your internal organs explode. If you have ever heard of that happening to somebody, there has always been a wombat at the scene of the crime. Wombats are planning to take over the world by building up an army of them, coming across some humans and making there Nack Nack sound at the super low frequency. If we do not do something about the wombats it will be the end of the human race forever.

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Wombats can sneak up on you very easily, and as soon as you hear Nack Nack, your already wasted. I suggest that you lookout for wombats at all times and if you ever see one the G-11 Sub Machine Gun is worthy weapon to take the wombats out. Heres the problem though, if you come face to face with a wombat and your only packing a hundgun, thats not gonna peirce the armour of it. You definetly need a high powered weapon, cyanide tipped bullets and above all else. Lookout for Wombats. Nack Nack.


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