There are many aspects of the automotive industrie

s that affect nature andthe world in general. One car company in particular holds great respect
and admiration in both the eyes of other automotive professionals as well
as drivers of all classes. Ferrari was a dream developed in 1929 his goal
was to make the world best sports car. Through innovative design, flawless
craftsmanship, and a true love for the game he succeeded in creating a car
company that is today the most revered in all the world.

Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 in Modena, Italy. His father Alfredo
Ferrari operated a local metal fabricating company, and when Enzo and his
brother Alfredo Jr. were old enough there father took them to there first
auto race in Bologna. That sparked his love for racing and cars. In 1919
he given a job for a small car company in Italy called CMN. At this
company he made small leaps and bounds. He was a simple racer that had
extreme potential but the equipment was not as good and the chances of him
making it far were very small. The next step in his journey he was given
an opportunity by his friend that worked for Alfa Romeo and he was given a
position as a racer. He was able to successfully make second place in the
Targa Florio which is a prestigious race held in Italy and attendance is by
invitation only. After he had his fill with racing he became a member of
the Alfa Romeo pit crew where he learned much more about cars and the art
of their creation. This is where he began his stride into his own new firm
which was so rightfully named Ferrari.

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Ferrari’s first innovation in the automotive industry came in its
design. Enzo teamed up with a long time friend Battista “Pinin” Farina
they came together and designed the first Ferrari P3 and as soon as it came
out it was a championship car. It was the Targa Florio and the Milli Milia
in its first year of production. Ferrari’s main focus in his education was
in the field of Aerodynamics; with his ideas and Farina’s facilities they
were able to continue to make breakthroughs in design and technology that
would continue to take the name Ferrari to the top. To this day Pinin
Farina continues to create breakthrough designs for Ferrari.

The aspect of design that makes Ferrari stand out as it does is its
building techniques. All Ferraris are hand built and in that aspect they
are taken to a whole new standard. They are built piece by piece and then
slowly put together. Ferrari only puts together a certain amount of cars
per year. Particular designs have to be built by order and others are
built by popularity. Because of the small numbers produced per year they
are considered far more valuable. The company strives to bring nothing but
perfection to there customers and show them an experience brought forth by
tradition every time they find themselves behind the wheel.

The engine of the traditional Ferrari is also hand built and held to
the highest testing standard. They are made to reach high speeds and using
the most advanced yet simple engineering techniques they make it all
happen. There are three basic types of engines that the company uses in
its cars; six cylinders, eight cylinders, and twelve cylinders. These
engine types are available to all car manufacturers but only Ferrari and a
few other select automotive car companies have been able to push such
power in there vehicles over the centuries of there existence. The only
considerable set back that this car causes that would be considered
undesirable to some people would be one the car is extremely loud no one
has really taken the time to figure out exactly how loud the car can be but
to the owners and people that appreciate the art that is Ferrari. The
second and slightly more consequential of the two is the amount of gas the
car consumes, it goes about twelve to thirteen miles to the gallon and
considering it’s a small tank there are a lot of stops the owner must take
to keep the tank full and the car going.

Ferrari is a car that has been built on perfection from the ground up
and based highly on perfection and tradition. Everything about the car
from the names to the exclusiveness of the cars is based on the long
journey that Enzo


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