The Very old man with enormous wings

Response to essay on “The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings”
What does this piece reveal about people’s attitudes towards religion? Why do
the townspeople treat the old man in the way that they do? Do they respond
differently to the spider girl than to the old man? Is there evidence that he is
really an angel? Does that make a difference? Why is the subtitle of the piece “A
Tale for Children”? Why would children be the intended audience for this piece?
Is it intended to be “educational”? If so, in what way? Explain the ending a bit
more. What does this piece have to do with life after death as you bring up in
your essay? Is an angel the same as a ghost? What is an angel? What purpose are
they thought to serve in human life? Does this “angel” serve that purpose? If not,
does he serve any purpose? Does he fail at his objective? Explain. Why is the
piece called “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” rather than “An Angel”?
Any suggestions? Do the people exploit him? Explain.

Any connection between the old man’s arrival and the child’s recovery? Is it
simply coincidence? How do you respond to the parents’ displaying the old man
to make money off of him? What does that say about them, about their attitudes
towards religion, towards God’s work.

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