The universal theme presented through out this who

le playwright is family, and consistency. The author puts the theme of family above the other themes to clearly show it’s intentions throughout the whole play. By using the Webb family and Gibb’s as the main character, he clearly repeats his theme over and over again. The story thus revolves around these two families. When George says “Emily I’m glad to have a friend like you” he means this in the most passionate way that he can. He means this from the heart and not from just an outer appearance. The sub-theme, love is presented here in a very strong and powerful form. Through this example he ties this into the universal theme which is family and consistency. He uses sub-themes to help the reader further expand their knowledge of the setting of “Our Town” and to make them constantly aware that they are in reality, not trapped within the play.
As most authors would prefer the reader trapped within the play the author uses techniques which I have never observed before in this play. For instance dramatic irony, and Pantomine play a very important role in this play. By the use of the stage manager constantly pausing and giving us a reality check, he makes sure we know we are still in reality. The Stage manager creates quite and effective environment by playing different parts. Although in the play he plays many miscellaneous roles, to the audience he is the constant reminder that this is a play. He serves as a gateway between two worlds of “Our Town” and 1998.
In the third act of the play, the sub-theme, death has a big impact on the whole plotline. Emily has died, and many others included that were main characters have also died. This play not only has a strange twist to the plot, but also a very different conclusion. It ends with everyone dead and the dead talking about how the living do not understand. Now do they mean we are ignorant of death? Or do we not understand what life is about. As a great man once said “We do not understand how great something isuntil we lose it”.


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