The Street Lawyer

The Street Lawyer Plot outline The main character in this book is Michael Brock, a lawyer working for Drake & Sweeney. One day a homeless man comes into the firm and holds Michael and other lawyers hostage. Michael and the lawyers manage to get out of the situation but the homeless man gets killed. Michael finds out later that the homeless man had been evicted from a wherehouse where he was paying rent and Drake & Sweeney was responsible for the eviction. Michael asked a lawyer, at his firm, if he could see the file about the eviction but the lawyer refused. Michael started helping Mordecai Green, a lawyer for the homeless, and soon Michael left Drake & Sweeny and became a laywer for the homeless, a street laywer.

But just before he officially left his firm, he stole the eviction file that he wanted to see. As Micheal copied the file, he began to find out more about the eviction and realized it was illegal and his ex-firm, Drake & Sweeney, were responsible for wrongful deaths of some homeless people, who had died after being evicted. When the firm found out about the missing file, Michael was wanted for Grand Larceny and they were pressing criminal charges. Micheal filed a suit against his ex-firm, with the help, of Mordecai Green, and they were representing the evictees. The partners of Drake & Sweeney, knowing that they were wrong, met with Mordecai Green to settle on an agreement without a jury.

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They were offering Mordecai and Michael $770,000 and two-year suspension for Michael for stealing the file. Mordecai made an offer of $5 million and a one-year suspension for Michael. If Drake & Sweeney agreed everything would be over without the public hearing about it but if they disagreed, Mordecai would bring in a jury and was confident of winning and humiliating Drake & Sweeney. Book Reports.


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