The Stand By Steven King

The Stand by Steven King Book Review This is a book review about the book “THE STAND” by Steven King. I had to do the review about The Stand instead of “Cujo” by Steven King for the reason that I could not get the book from the person that lent it to me. The novel is about a virus or a diease that kill off all the people in the USA, they dont say if the whole planet is dead!! The only survivers are about 100 people that live in a little town. These people all form together to try to rebuild the nation, But theres one problem. Theres a devil like character with them. He gets this girl to listen to him, and try to kill these eight people.

Eight people were elected from the group of people to try to kill this devil like person. The eight people have to go to aroung Las Vegas (in that area) to kill this person. Theres one person thats with them, and hes like crassy. When he comes into the picture, hes like almost dead. So he dosent care if he dies. He goes to a army sight, that of course, theres no one there, because thier all dead, and gets a missle.

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This guy goes with the eight people, and when he goes there, he tries to kill this devil. But the devil aperes to have some powers, and he stells the missle from the guy. Thier all in Las Vegas, and this is were I get confused in the book. Aperently, a big gold hand apperes out of no were, takes the issle, and detonates it on all of them. They all die of course. The hand, or something says something, and its like a farwell message.


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