The Safety Inspector

The Safety Inspector
Mr. Redos, I am an inspector for the OSHA. I have noticed the following
safety objects missing in the room F 203, chemistry room. These are sprinklers,
a drain, and a glass wall. You must have these objects for the safety of the
students and the faculty. I have also observed the following safety objects
present in the regarded room. Fire blanket, fire extinguisher, fire shower,
first-aid kit, an apron, eye goggles, and an eye shower.

I am very concerned in the following situations. If a fire spread
throughout the classroom, there are no sprinklers to extinguish the fire only a
fire extinguisher. Another situation is if someone were to use the fire shower,
there would be no drain for the water to go to, thus a very slippery floor that
is unsafe. When the teacher is conducting experiments in the front of the room,
there is no glass wall to protect the students in the case of an explosion.

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Some improvements that must be made are installing sprinklers. Another
must is the glass wall, the last thing a school would want to do is to deal with
would be an injured kid. Not a necessary improvement, but suggested is to put
in a drain for the fire shower. I like your regulations on everyone must wear
goggles and the use of a fire blanket. I am also very pleased with the amount
of exits from the room in the case of fire.

Overall you have the basic safety functions intact but you still need to
add a couple of more precautions for when an emergency might take place.



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