The Prevalence Of Breast Cancer Among Black Women

The Prevalence Of Breast Cancer Among Black Women Exploring the Growth of Breast Cancer Among African American Women Breast cancer develops as an abnormal growth of cells accumulate within the breast. Recent studies have proven that White women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than African American women, yet we as African American women are at a higher risk of dying from the disease. There is however, one possible link to the higher mortality rate in breast cancer among Black women. We as African Americans tend to stray from the healthcare setting. This could be due to insufficient funds, lack of knowledge, and, or desire to receive medical attention.

Many times when a problem such as breast cancer arises, the cancer isnt tactfully presented to the healthcare provider. Breast cancer must be detected early so medical attention could be provided as soon as possible. Delayed treatment and unhealthy dietary habits, such as obesity, and high fat content -noticed in Black women especially, tend to increase the risk of developing breast cancer. An annual mammogram should be performed for women over forty. Every woman however, should perform a monthly self-examination of the breast.

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Breast cancer strikes one in eight women, and should be taken very seriously. Human Sexuality.


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