The Planet

Our world is 30% land and 70% water. It consists of five different land masses. Each piece of land is inhabited by a different creature. Kate Land is inhabited by the Bizo’s, Anderland is the home of the Breeders, the Creepers live in Bogle Land, Sutherland belongs to Furby’s, and Twin Falls to the Glow Worms. Each piece of land is very much different from the other. Although they all seem to have very warm weather.
Kate Land
Kate Land is a very beautiful land. The weather is tropical. The sun is always shining. There are many long sany beaches, big beautiful waterfalls, and loud raging rivers.The land is full of luciose fruits and vegitables, tall trees, and enormouse mountains reaching to the sky. This land is inhabited by the Bizo’s. These creatures are part human part robot. They are all famales and are all beautiful in there own special way. The Bizo’s are the rulers of the world. All other creatures fear them. Mainly because there the most technologically advanced , living in huge metal mansions. With any and everything they want. The mansions are heavily armed and protected by a powerful force field. They have the best transportation in all the world. They drive land rovers, huvercrafts, high speed boats, and they also have jet packs . The Bizo’s live off of fruits and vegitables, maybe this is why there all so thin and beautiful. They manufacture metal which comes from mining in the mountains. The breeders do the mining for them. Bizo’s believe in lust not love. Tere reason to be here is to reproduce. They mate with the breeders and if a son is born he is given to the father to be brought up in Ander Land. There are no rules on this land, except to respect eachother this is how they were programmed. They believe they were created from the land and when they die they believe the soul goes back into the land. Bizo’s have know families. They live in one large city. There are know schools in this land because they were programmed to be smart when they were born. They mainly comunicate with Breeders, but recently have began talking with Furby’s. The Bizo’s pretect these to creatures from the Creepers. All creatures export there metal to the Bizo’s , but recieve nothing in return. Bizo’s do nothing all day except reprodce with the Breeders, lay on the beaches, play games, what ever really. They have know responsibility except to reproduce.

Ander Land
The Breeders live in Ander Land. This land is much like Kate Land. It to has huge mountainns and big forests. In the forests live the Breeders. Breeders are male humans. They live in hand made tree forts. They created a whole city throghout the trees. There are large rope bridges connecting everything. The Breeders use know transportation other than there feet and large wooden rafts. These are a bunch of though guys, just living off the land. They hunt for there food and grow fruits and vegitables. They hunt small species of birds called Ka’s and dog like animals called Warrs. The Breeders worship the Bizo’s they do anything for them and in return the Bizo’s protect the Breeders from the creepers who are trying to take over Ander Land because there land has run out of food. The Breeders manufacture metal and send it all to the Bizo’s. The Breeders have no rules other than to obay the Bizo’s and to treat others the way they would like to be treated. Consequences if the rules are broken are very dramatic. You will be sent to Twin falls to be left with the Glow Worms. Who knows what could happen to you, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be nice. Like the Bizo’s, Breeders have no families. There only purpose is to reproduce and to suvive. They have no schools they are led by common sense. They use the land for medicine, spices, plants, etc. There idea of fun is to rome the land, hunting,climbing, running, just being free.

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Bogle Land
Bogle land is like one huge forest. It is very rainy and swampy. The land is covered in vegitation. There are many


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