The Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan The Perfect Plan When you only know a few and want to know more you learn to be who you are not. You live 100 different lives. Some people know you as this and some as that, and the only one who knows the truth is you. But it truly is amazing how acquaintances that are at different levels at the social hierarchy can move you up. As I entered my senior year of high school, I did not kick it with many people. Strictly a, not by choice, select few. Always, there are the cool popular people who everyone wants to be like.

I decided to make it my goal to be part of each of their lives and I would have a million people to kick it with. Everyone is friends at the school, but inside this main friendship, there are sub categories as far as friendships grow. It breaks all the way down to a persons best friend. There could be 50 guys that always hang out together but only 2 that would ever sleep over each others house just for fun. This, just being an example. As I went through my classes I had to spot out the king pins of the trendiest groups in the grade.

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People I could actually grow on and use them to network to different people. But you need a reason to talk to them. Of course homework is the easiest but after a while it gets boring. I needed conflict, a situation, something to happen. An early weekend into the school year, one of my, I would say 10 real friends, and I basically *censored*ed the same girl at the same time who we had met only 3 hours prior.

So we got lucky, wow. But on Monday it had began. Ever watch TV and see stupid high school shows that spread rumors within like an hour and the e whole school knows. Well everyone was asking me what happened. This is the attention I needed to begin my climb.

To the guys a god, and to the girls someone with experience. By telling people and also not telling and keeping them guessing makes you a top talk on their list. Now a girl in the elite category of school, I was lucky to have 3 classes with. Her and I began to talk a lot. Me just being seen with her was enough to make me look cool to the cool people.

She did not realize it because of my humbleness but it was helping my reject ass climb. Now the other cool people accepted me. Slowly invited to parties and also given a lot more attention my reputation was being constructed. To maintain your cool image only a few cool things must be done once in a while to remind the dumb-asses that you are still cool. A web site for a senior prank.

Even better, I got the attention of the whole senior class. All eyes on me. Now being called, never having to call myself, I am asked to be places, kick it with people, asked if I needed anything, treated like a god. My job is now done. It was all triggered by one *censored* one weekend early in the year.

All eyes on me. Now, I dont run these people, but I am now part of their lives and am very close with a lot of them. Not but 7 months ago did I ignore and they ignore me in the halls even though we knew each other. I call myself the human icebreaker. The trick is to let them know you first, and then they will bring themselves closer. But you have to control letting them know you.

The girl in the elite class thinks I *censored* every weekend because of my one escapade. Some guys really know I dont get girls, or al least as many as some people think. Some people think I am a pothead, some think I would never touch a pipe if my life depended on it. And the funny thing is, I control how they perceive me. YOUR OPINION OF ME IS WHAT I ALLOW IT TO BE.

This is the root of control over yourself. Now if two people talk to each other about me and there is a conflict about me, they will argue of course he smokes herb Ive done it with him why do you lie, he told me he hates that *censored* guys, guys relax, and this is where you resolve the conflict, ask the person who smokes when did you start smoking anyway? they will answer then you reply remember back in elementary all the nicotine free bull*censored* and how Mrs. Blah blah, did blah blah. Then talk about old times at school and the issue is forgotten. Sway the way their minds are running. Set them off track and you will be able to escape any situation.

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