The Movie Starts Out With A High Above The Ocean Shot With A Sailboat Floating Around Then Another Comes And Bumps Into Robin

The movie starts out with a high above the ocean shot with a sailboat floating around. Then another comes and bumps into Robin William’s boat. They than know that there is a love connection or you could say that they were soul mates. During these scene the camera was flying past the boats just above their heads. As the film continued the camera shots just became so what easy to notice but the editing was seamless.

Now there was a shot of the two getting married and walking down the aisle. Here the lighting was dim but not to cast too much of a shadow just enough to show that it was meant to take place in he past. Again it jumped to a few more years later with them sitting at the table eating breakfast with their children. Then the nanny gets them to the car to drive them to school cause their mother had to go to work earlier and the dad was going straight to work. The children were around 15 and 12 or so. Then you see the children and nanny riding along which then cuts to a scene at the funeral of the children’s. What happen was they were in a car wreck and the two children and the nanny were killed. The mother blamed herself for there dying cause the little girl asked her to drive that day but she was busy with work.

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From then on the woman felt like shit and eventually cracked and was put into the crazy house. Robin Williams visited her all the time. Through these scenes there was a lot of close ups and character linking by letting the camera flow around the table to show they were all connected. The lighting here was normal meaning not to dark o not to bright. The scene with the funeral was very depressing with the help of the camera shots looking at the altar but behind the caskets showing them at all times. Also there was a part where they filmed the boy’s body inside the casket and that was done with dim lights but just enough light to see the face. Next they have Robin Williams get hit be a car and he dies.

They send him to heaven, which is actually a painting that his wife painted, and this becomes his world. In the painting is their dream house, lake, huge tree and the spot where they met and knew they were soul mates for life. The weird part about this portion of the film was that the painting was actually paint. They were walking through the fields of flowers and water and it looked and resembled wet paint, which was thick and goopy. The camera appeared to stay still for this part. Now he was taken to a magical city, which sat up on a hill. The camera did a fly over and through the city to give you a view of what it was like. Any close-ups up until this point were mostly of the people in frame and that’s it.

Along the way through Robin’s journey’s to find his kids he realizes that he is talking to them and met them but they were actually different people and had to think of certain things to make it all become clear. The next few scenes are light very dark. This is when he finds out that his wife killed herself and will go to hell. Everyone says that he can not save her but he tries anyway. Now, he goes through hell, which is lit up darkly but has flames and tons of creepy looking people fighting and grabbing at them. The camera switched viewpoint from Robin to them and back again.

There is not any special camera movement done here. Next they travel through hell and then to the sea of dead people’s heads that have killed themselves. He has to carefully make his way through to get to his wife’s head and then he falls through the earth. Here the camera actually falls with him. And rest of the shots are close ups and regular basic shots and the editing again through the whole film is seamless and unnoticeable. Finally he makes it to his wife and has to make her understand that they should be together and that she is sorry for what she has done and that it was not her fault that the children were killed. The scene is shot is what looks like their house but very old and run down.

Lastly Robin and his wife go back to their wedding day and get married again to make it official in the after life. Now they can live happy ever after in their dream world painting, which was created by themselves and no one else. The paint look now turns into a realistic looking world. The sound track is very depressing when it should be and there is mostly all no lyric music played. The final shot is back with their lives starting over again but as little kids almost like they are given a second chance. This part is lighted up bright and very colorful. The weirdest part of editing or cutting between scenes was shown in this film.

Everytime they switched between scenes it would cut to a white blurry shot and then back to the new scene. To me it felt like a heavenly light or something.


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