The Making Of Automobiles Started In The Year 1770 In 1770 A Man Named Nicholas

.. let and Ernest Archdeacon took a trip driving the steam tricycle. They drove for 286 miles in 15 days. And in 1891 Emile Levassor built a motor car with a mid-mounted Daimler engine, later to be laid out in the front and under the hood. Panhard et Levassor in 1892 began to sell their cars to the public.

A four seated dog cart priced at L200, and a wagonette at L212. Solid rubber tires cost an extra L20. Charles Duryea began to build a one-cylinder automobile in the United States in 1893. In 1894 Karl Benz introduced a new four-wheeled vehicle called the Velo. Benz built 135 cars in 1895 over forty of them drove the streets of France.

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In 1896 Charles E. and J. Frank Duryea together found the United States auto industry by building and selling 13 vehicles based on the same design. H.O. Keller, of Reading, Pennsylvania, became the first franchised dealer in 1898.

In 1900 then William McKinley became the first United States President to to ride in a car. Then in 1901 Olsmobile built the 425 Curved Dash models, making them then the worlds first mass-produced gas car. In 1902 Packard patented and presented the “H” shift pattern. Ford Motor Company in 1903 sold the forst Model A runabout. A year later in 1904 the Sturtevant was among the first American cars with an automatic transmission. And then in 1905 the first cars are sold on the installment plan.

In 1907 John Willys purchases the Overland Company of Indianapolis later to be named the Willys-Overland. Then in 1908 General Motors Company was incorporated in New Jersey by William Durant. Buick and Oldsmobile became apart of it. In 1909 Catillac and Oakland join the General Motors Company. Starting in 1910 Automobile production reached 181,000 in the Untied States.

In 1911 Chevrolet Motor Company is organized. And then in 1912 Catillac adopted the modern electric start. And in 1915 Catillac introduced the first successful v8 engine in the United States. In 1917 Henry Leland, the former head of Catillac, started the Lincoln Motor Company. In 1918 Charles Nash bought the Thomas B. Jeffery Company and renamed it Nash motors.

Things now are starting to work out for the companies. In 1920 the first production car came out that had four-wheel hydraulic brakes and a straight-eight engine. Mercedes-Benz and SSK sports cars came along in 1923 at this time they developed a legendary supercharger for these cars. Catilliac introduced a shatter-resistant glass in 1926. Then in 1927 the last of the Model Ts were built. Synchromesh transmissions were introduced by Catillac in 1928.

The Depression caused a slump in the automotive sales in the United Stated in 1930. 1932 was the year that Oldsmobile and Packard engines featured the automatic chokes. Ford came out with their V-8 engines in 1934. The first all steel wagon came out in 1935 that was made by Chevy. By 1936 fifty-four percent of the United States families owned cars. In 1937 Oldsmobile introduced the semiautomatic transmission.

Then one year later in 1938 several of the auto makers offered the shifter on the steering column. Volkswagon in 1939 got their factory in Wolfsburg finished but held off until the war was over to start the production of the cars. The first automatic transmission was offered by Oldsmobile in 1940, at least the first true automatic transmission. And then Packard in 1941 offered air conditioning, they were the first to offer it. Advertisement on television was not big for automobiles until 1946 when Chevrolet started it all. In 1947 Packard offered power seats and windows in all of the automobiles. In 1948 “The Roadster” was built by Ferdinand Porsche Jr., this was first true Porsche car out.

And then in 1949 General Motors offered the first true hard top car. Packard offered power brakes in 1952. And the out came the Corvettes that happened in 1953. The world went crazy over these cars. After that came the medium-size cars by Ford in 1954.

McDonalds drive thru opened for the first time in 1955. Seat belts for cars came along in 1956 Ford offered this and the public really didnt care about this. Toyotas and Datsuns were driven in the United States for the first time in 1958. By 1960 eighty percent of the United Stated families owned cars. At this time, also, the three big companies offered compact cars to try and fight Volkswagon. In 1961 the warranties on cars got extended to 12,000 miles of 12 months. After the reaction of the public not being good on the seat belt idea they still ended up putting seat belts in all cars in the front seats in 1964, and this was standard. And it was not until 1966 that rear seat belts were standard for the cars. But then in 1968 front shoulder harnesses are required in addition to the seatbelts, in America.

This was to make the seat belts a little more comfortable to wear. In 1970 Imports took 14.6 percent of the sales in the U.S. . Airbags started to be offered in 1973 by Chevrolets. Because of death increases in the United States the speed limit was reduced to 55 mph in 1974. Catalytic converters and installed to all domestic cars in 1975 to try and cut down on emissions.

And then in 1979 the second energy crisis began. In June of 1981 General Motors launched the Saturn project. The minivan was launched in 1984 by Chrysler. And then in 1985 Saturn is finally founded. AMC was taken over by Chrystler and then they offer their Jeep.

The new Continental is Lincolins first car with a six-cylinder and front-wheel drive and that took place in 1988. General Motors introduced Geo brand of Suzuki, Isuzu, and Toyota models in 1989. 1990 was a big year for Ford they bought out Jaguar that year. In that year also the Catillac Allante is the first front-wheel drive car. 1992 was the first year for the Dodge Viper to be released, this car has 400 horses( horsepower).

Pickup and sport utility vehicles sales began to take off in 1993. The three door pickup was unveils in 1995 by Chevrolet. In 1996 General Motors announced plans to market an electric car. Things since then have been about the same. Everyone competing to be the best one and nothing really changes except the look of the car and a couple more horsepower.


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