The line-item-veto act of 1995 would cede to the P

resident the power to reduce budget authority. It would allow him to approve certain parts of a bill presented by congress, while at the same time, giving him the ability to remove any “unwanted riders” attached to the same bill that would create unnecessary government spending. It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court ruled this bill “Unconstitutional” despite the President’s and Congress’ agreement upon it. Congress would most definitely want to give this power to the President because it would prevent Congress from taking the blame by the American people, expedite the passing of necessary legislation and place ultimate responsibility on the leader of the Country.

The main reason why Congress may want to give this authority to the President is because it places ultimate responsibility on the President. The president would no longer be able to spin responsibility of unnecessary spending back on Congress. He would now have the ability to cut out appropriations that would add to the national debt. while still passing the bill. The President would ultimately be responsible for which bills do and don’t get passed. Lots of Americans today believe that we have a “do nothing” congress that refuses to address the nations major problems. The Congress has a hard time getting bills passed through the President unless he agrees with every line of the bill.If we passed the line-item-veto bill this would save a lot of time and money. We would see many more bills getting passed instead of a government caught up in gridlock.

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In the government today, getting re-elected is the main concern of our Congressmen. Therefore, their first priority is not always what is best for the country or for their political party. Instead they will ask, “what will get me re-elected?” Congress almost always reacts based on the majority of public opinion. Congress often has a good idea about how their constituents feel because people have easy access to their congressmen. Congressmen constantly receive letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls from the people they represent. Critics say congressmen are supposed to be the puppets for the American people. Congress also depends on the CBO(Congressional Budget Office) to analyze how various budgets would affect their home states and districts.

Another reason why congress should cede this power to the President is to expedite the passing of more legislation. It would prevent the President from having to veto the full bill in the event he only disagrees with a portion of it. This would also allow the President to pass legislation presented by both parties, even if there was a political party conflict. Another reason congress may be willing to give up this authority to the president is to save time. It takes lots of time and effort for congress to put bills together and they have very strict time constraints to work with. All of that effort is wasted when the President has to veto an entire bill. The President still has the ability to override congress by using executive orders, regulations and proclamations.A good example of this would be his most recent reaction to the terrorist leader Bin Ladin. In this type of situation, there is not enough time for Congress to meet and come to an agreement. In this situation time of the utmost importance and the President has to make the call for military action.
In 1997 the President used the line-item-veto to kill 38 military construction proposals. After this certain people who were once supporters of the line-item-veto started to have second thoughts and this is when it went to the Supreme Court and they ruled it unconstitutional. If congress could delegate this authority to the president this would allow the congress to use their time more efficiently and face the real concerns of the American people. The line-item-veto would also allow the President to have more power when bargaining with congress.This would also cut down transaction costs, which in turn would lower taxes. The current process makes it a lot easier to stop bills than to pass them.
Some proposals have been held up in congress for as long as fifty years and that alone should be enough to make people see that we need to make a change. I believe that with all of the coordination problems our congress has today the Supreme Court should approve the line-item-veto. However, I can see how this is such a sticky topic for certain people. I would not be excited to see the President hold this much power, while on the other hand I believe that the benefits of passing the line-item-veto could possibly out weigh that fact. The Constitution states that the President only has the right to a simple-veto, I believe that the Constitution should bend with the growth of our Country, certain changes need to be made.


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