The Known Unknown

Man alone wonders at man’s achievements, which are nothing.

Had neither a wish we in this world to be born
Nor we wish to be dead, as we wish to live on
If our birth as well as death be not of our wish
Why in life a wish and for each a skirmish?
Crying arrived you oh! Man, people smiling around
So smiling part from earth, crying people sound
Mirth and merriment to your people your birth was
Grieve them let your end, your life a noble cause
mystery, death, unlocks the Creator of universe
Still humans opine His very existence diverse
Camel unseen, passed we claim, its footprints in the sand
The universe does for the imprints of God’s existence stand
Man’s knowledge is so wide, his wisdom so narrow
Atom to space conquered but never tomorrow
For a great tomorrow, live to eliminate human sorrow
The clouds shed to give us a greener tomorrow
Man’s present unrestrained, defective findings of his past
He is toy to time as future has in its store to cast
Revolutions, events and changes , still does he claim
The master of this universe with a technology so lame.

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