The Haunted Trail

The Haunted Trail Legends The Haunted Trail Well, there was once like fifteen or twen’y years ago this kid, right. An’ this kid was like all f***ed up on like shrooms an’ acid an’ stuff. Kinda like . (Laughter) Anyway this night he got inna fight with his parents, an’ he like skitzed out an’ went nuts an’ ran out the back door of the house. Well, the kid never came home that night so his parents called the cops to try an’ find him, an’ they told them that they were already searching the area because some dude had called them and told them that he had hit a naked kid while driving along the trail that night, an’ when he got out to see if the kid was alright, there was nobody there.

So anyway they sent out this big search party up into the woods around the trail an’ everything an’ they couldn’t find anything. So the search was called off when it started to get dark but they weren’t really too worried cause they figured the kid was all screwed up and just took off into the woods to chill out for awhile, and would turn up in a day or two. Dude didn’t show up ever again, there was never any sign of him or his body or anything, it was like he jus’ disappeared. Anyway one night there were these chicks campin’ up in the field off the side of the trail, an’ they were out runnin’ around in the woods doin’ their chick things all half canned when one of em starts screaming an’ freakin’ out an’ sh*t. So the others run over to see what’s wrong an’ there’s this naked bloody body.

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So they all start screamin’ an’ freakin out an’ they runs and gets back to camp, hop in the car, an’ goes to get the cops. So there’s another big search an’ the girls show em the spot but again there’s no sign an’ it gets called off . Now they say that the kid is livin’ up here an all the drugs have got him gone crazy, an’ he’s waiting for someone to do weird sh*t to. Some people have been drivin’ up the trail an’ seen this naked guy run across the road an’ stuff. An’ y’all know M ?(Answers of yes) Well he live up off the trail on the main road an’ he told me that sometimes at night different houses will hear this knockin’ on their door an’ it won’t stop an’ as soon as they get to the door it stops, they open it, an’ there’s no one there.


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