The Great Gatsby Book Report

The Great Gatsby Book Report The Great Gatsby Book Report Summary At the onset of this book, the reader is introduced to the narrator, Nick Carraway, who relates the past happenings that construct the story of Jay Gatsby and Nick during the summer of 1922. After fighting in World War I, or the Great War as Nick called it, Nick left his prominent family in the West of America for the North where he intended to learn the bond business. Nick was originally supposed to share a house in West Egg near New York City with an associate of his, but the man backed out and so Nick lived with only a Finnish cook. Right next door, Gatsby lived in a glorious mansion with expansive gardens and a marble swimming pool, among other luxuries. Yet Nick did not even hear about Gatsby until he went to visit his distant family at East Egg next to West Egg.

Daisy was Nicks second cousin once removed, and Tom Buchanan was Daisys hulking brute of a husband and classmate of Nicks from college. Jordan Baker, a prominent tennis player of the time, was staying with Daisy and Tom. As they sat down and chatted, it was Jordan who mentioned Gatsby, saying that she had been to one of his extravagant parties that he held every weekend. The four sat down to dinner when Tom received a phone call, which Daisy suspected to be from Toms mistress. Afterwards, Daisy and Nick talked and Jordan and Tom went out to walk about the grounds.

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Daisy talked about her little daughter and how when she was born Tom was not even there and she had wished out loud that she would be a fool, for that was the only way she could ever be happy. The four met again at the house and then Jordan went to bed and Nick went home. In the next chapter, the reader is introduced the bleak stretch of land between New York City and West Egg. It was there that Nick first met Toms mistress. Nick and Tom were taking the train into New York City one Saturday when Tom signaled to Nick that they were going to get off the train halfway to their destination in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.

Tom walked into an auto garage where he talked with a man named George Wilson, who asked about a car Tom was supposed to sell him. Wilsons wife, Myrtle, emerged from the upstairs of the garage. When Wilson went off to his office for a moment, Tom quickly told Myrtle that he wanted to see her and to take the next train into New York. They arranged where they would meet quickly and moved away from each other before Wilson returned. Myrtle told Wilson that she was going to go visit her sister in New York and boarded the same train as Tom and Nick, but in a different car. They met again in New York and took a taxi to the apartment that Tom had purchased for the two of them.

Myrtle called her sister Catherine and the McKees that she and Tom were friends with on the phone and the six of them sat around in the apartment and got exceptionally drunk once they arrived. During this time, Nick learned about Tom and Myrtle, as well as the fact that neither of them could stand their spouse. Nick could hardly remember what had gone on that night at the apartment and the next thing he knew, he was in Penn Station waiting for the four o clock train to go home. Every weekend, Nicks next door neighbor Gatsby had extravagant parties at his house. One Saturday morning, Gatsbys butler came to Nicks house and invited him to the party that was to be held that evening. Nick showed up that night, not knowing a soul there, and not even knowing what the host himself looked like.

He soon found Jordan, and spent the rest of the evening with her. Nick found himself speaking with a man he recognized from the war. Nick told him that he did not even know who the host was, but that he had just been invited by him. The man looked puzzled and then told Nick that he was Gatsby. Both were embarrassed and apologized to each other. At that moment, a butler appeared and told Gatsby of a phone call that he had to attend to.

Gatsby excused himself and said that he would talk to Nick later that night. Nick then rejoined Jordan. Later, the butler came up to Jordan and asked her to speak to Gatsby privately. Nick waited around for an hour before the two emerged, and then said goodbye to Jordan and Gatsby and went home. One July morning, Gatsbys car rode up Nicks driveway and proclaimed that the two of them were going out to lunch and that he would drive them. On the ride there Gatsby told Nick the story of his life thus far, most of which Nick found out to be false later that summer. Gatsby told him that he was from a wealthy family in the Midwest and was educated at Oxford.

He said that all of his family died and he came into a lot of money. He then fought in World War I and earned many awards for his valor and bravery. He then told Nick that he was going to make a large request of him, but that he could not ask him himself and Jordan was going to tell him later that day when they went out to tea. The two men arrived in New York City and met with Meyer Wolfshiem, the “man who fixed the World Series in 1919”, for lunch. He reminisced about past years while they ate lunch before he excused himself and left the two men.

Nick then recognized Tom and introduced Gatsby and Tom to each other. Before the three could begin talking, Gatsby had left. That afternoon, Jordan explained the story of Gatsby and Daisy, and how they fell in love, but then Gatsby had to leave for the war. Before he could get back, Daisy had married Tom, thinking that Gatsby would never return. Daisy had not heard of Gatsby until that night that Jordan had mentioned him to Nick at Daisy and Toms house. And it was not a coincidence that Gatsby lived so close to Daisy; he had bought that house so that he could be just across the bay from Daisy.

Gatsby wanted Jordan to ask Nick if he could invite Daisy over for tea so that Gatsby could “pop in.” Nick, shocked at the simplicity of the request, agreed. Nick arranged plans for the tea with Daisy and Gatsby, telling Daisy specifically not to bring Tom. On the planned day and in pouring rain, flowers and a gardener to mow the lawn arrived from Gatsbys estate. Gatsby showed up, extremely nervous and regretting the whole idea. Just as Gatsby was about to go home, Daisy pulled up in the driveway. Nick let her in to find that Gatsby was gone.

Then there was a knock on the door and Nick let in a drenched Gatsby. For a while, there was nothing but awkward pauses between the three people, but after much prodding from Nick, Daisy and Gatsby began to talk. Then Gatsby suggested that the three of them go to look at his house. They toured most of the rooms and then stopped in one of them so that one of Gatsbys permanent guests could play the piano for them. The two of them hardly noticed when Nick left for his house. For several weeks, Nick did not see nor hear from Gatsby. Then one Sunday, Nick stopped over to visit and he was not there for more than a few minutes before someone had brought Tom Buchanan over for a drink.

It was a party of three; Tom, a man named Sloane, and a woman that Nick had seen previously. They had all ridden there on horseback and were now sitting around with drinks. After a while, the girl invited Nick and Gatsby over for dinner, much to the displeasure of Sloane. Nick refused, but Gatsby agreed after some coaxing. As Gatsby went inside to get a jacket and his car keys, the three tired of waiting and rode off without him.

The next Saturday evening, both Daisy and Tom attended Gatsbys party. Gatsby introduced them to all of the different people at the party. Gatsby and Daisy danced and then went over to Nicks house to talk as Nick stood guard. They then sat down for dinner while Tom went off with some other group. Nick and Gatsby could both tell that the only part of the party that Daisy had enjoyed was when she and Gatsby had spoken privately. Tom came back while Gatsby was receiving a phone call and inquired as to Gatsbys profession, listing several rumors he had heard that night including a bootlegger.

Then Daisy and Tom went home while Nick waited for Gatsby to be free after Gatsby had said he wanted to talk to him. When Nick finally met with Gatsby, Gatsby was depressed because Daisy did not enjoy herself. Nick suggested that maybe it was not possible for Gatsby to repeat the past with Daisy, a notion that Gatsby quickly rejected. The next Saturday, Gatsby failed to have a party as he always did before. Out of curiosity, Nick went over to Gatsbys house to inquire in Gatsby had fallen ill.

An unfamiliar butler answered that he was not and then reluctantly went to inform Gatsby that Nick was there at his request. He then promptly slammed the door in Nicks face. Nick was notified by his cook that Gatsby had fired all of his servants and re …


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