The Feldip Hills

The Feldip hills…a vast and unforgiving wilderness riddled with treacherous swamps, vicious wolves and the occasional brutish ogre. But the feldip hills are also home to more mundane creatures. Deep in a valley far south of the high walls of yanille and gu-tanoth there was a nomadic settlement. All tents made from ragged and stained fabrics. These tents were in a circle with a larger tent at the centre and the embers of a fire smoked in front of its doorway as a dim sun rose and an oily orange filled the valley, light filtered through thick black clouds. A great scream broke the silence in the camp from a tent close to the fire. A great and bloated ogre woman lay heaving on a bed of wolf skins a bearded man besides her trying to utter words of comfort and reassurance. The shrill cries woke the rest of the tribe and many people filled the musty tent. For hours and hours she lay in labor and the man beside he began to despair. Many more hours past and at midday began to cough blood onto the dusty floor beside her before finally letting go of life. The baby was born healthy and strong but motherless in a sad twist of fate. His father sat by the campfire one night cradling him in an oxen hide blanket beside the chief. “You see Yarnok; this is what happens when ogres and humans mix it only leads to sadness and lost lives.” “Ogres and humans simply don’t mix you must understand this.” “Nay Giron she was not like the others she had compassion and honor.” In the next valley a group of ogres were gathered around a crudely constructed camp fire, one addressed the others. “Im ungry Grot I wants some meats” “Shut up ur fat mouth you, we can all av umies wen we find wer dey av been iding.” “Bu I is starvin an I cant wait tha lung, he grunted” “I sed one more peep outa u and its wulf fuud” The Ogres eyes darted and he took a swing at Grot with his oversized fist, knocking Grot down into the fire. The camp filled with the rank smell of burning ogre flesh and fat. They came in the night across the hill lead by Skrop. “U ther” he grunted U get the stabers and u get the suutas, we huntin humies tonight nut chompys.” A slightly smaller ogre came back seconds later carrying 3 oversized bows and a handful of long arrows with bone tips. “Them stupid humies wunt no wat hit em” Skrop growled as he wrapped some rags around the arrows. “bring the big hurt stik” Another ogre returned bearing a flaming log from the fire, handed it to Skrop and took a bow and some arrows. Several more ogres followed suit and pulled back the bow strings with their rag ended arrows. “Wait!” Skrop stood blankly for a moment.

“o ya the hurty stik.” Skrop walked along the line lighting the arrows and then did so with his arrow too. “Fire ur stabers!” Fire rained on the camp and all that could have been on fire was ablaze. The ogres stormed the camp miming and killing in the confusion. A token force of men managed to band together in defense and hold them back for a short time. Among them was the farther of Yungling. Their fight alas was in vain and they were killed one by one. The young child looked on tears in his eyes as his father was devoured by a hideous ogre. For days he lay hidden long after the ogres had left, their deed done. Traumatized and wasting away all alone. A deep anger burning in his heart. His eyes flooded with tears and he broke his hiding place only to be confronted by the stone cold stare of a wolf not 10 feet away. The wolf did not see Yungling as a threat and approached him diligently. Yunglings anger died away and collapsed to his knees weeping into the wolfs soft mane. The wolf bore many scares that told of them many hardships it had suffered through the many long years it had walked the wilds. The wolf and Yungling walked the wilds for many years together hunting small animals and living on what little the land had to offer. They became companions unto death. One day the mottled squawk of a chompy bird roused Yungling from his sleep. He decided he had slumbered long enough and took a look around the foothills of the mountains they had been walking for a month now. Looking across the hazy landscape he caught a glimpse of a lone troll asleep by a rock in the swampy valley floor. Standing for a moment in thought Yungling decided it was time to defend his camp as he could not risk a troll so close. Taking a granite fashioned knife form his belt he slowly crept up to the troll silent as a winter wolf. The troll groaned in its sleep as Yungling drew him knife to its scrawny throat. Its eyes shot open as he cut hard and deep through muscle and bone. The troll’s thick blood drained into the swamp pool as Yungling skinned its carcass and removed its skull. The skull and jaw bone from this troll child, Yunling found fitted his head perfectly and with a reed he secured it there. He returned to his companion who had just woken to find no one there. “We rejoice this day Fenris for I hav claimed the life of a foul troll as punishment for his wrong acts.” Fenris expressed his approval by showing his teeth as Yungling threw the skinned carcass on the floor. The wolf feasted on the body of the troll child while Yungling layer the flayed skin across a rock in the sun. A chill wind blew in from the south as Yungling stood staring to the north up the great mountain walls of Gu’Tanoth. His long journey through the wastes had brought him here. Shouts could be hearted on the wind from within this twisted citadel. The great wolf Fenris rose her musk to the smoky air to take in the sent of her prey, and her eyes widened with a new bloodlust. The companions delved into the dark caves… The stench of ogre filled Yunglings nostrils as they flared in discus. Griping his knife in hand he cautiously advanced. The air was soon filled with strange sounds, clicking and squeaking; Yungling immediately recognized this as the Skavid dialect, lowly ogre slaves. “Big boss has returned we must be careful to tread lightly” Yungling translated. “He will be hungry after his camp again to the west, remember what happened last time” The shapeless voice shuddered. “we lost so many that day, that ogre filth devoured half my family” “but we would be wolf food where it not for them” At this point Yungling decided he had learned enough and lunged at the shadows, only to hit the air where the had stood. “A man in the tunnels the big boss will learn of this…” Yungling growled with rage as Fenris put her nose to the dusty ground. Her head shot up and she darted into the shadows. “Fenris?” Yungling tried to follow in the direction that she had disappeared. Yungling sprinted down the cramped tunnel breaking spider’s webs and disturbing scattered rocks. “arrhhh curse you Fenris all the Ogres in Gu’Tanoth will become wise to this awful racket” As he made so headway the rythmicalgallop of fenris could be heard ached of him. It suddenly stopped. Yungling skidded to stop as the roof rose to a chamber Fenris standing proudly at its entrance, panting like a hound to the hunt. The chamber was not wide or tall, the stalactites reached down to where the ceiling would have been in the corridor. Along its walls several alcoves were carved into the bare rock. Yungling stroked the mane of fenris as he stared in curiosity at his room they had stumbled upon. He turned to investigate one of the alcoves to his left followed by an intrigued Fenris. Yungling found his way blocked by a crudely constructed wall of bars made from long achy logs bound with yuck hair. Yunglings brow furrowed as he looked into the shadows within. He just managed to discern the figure of a man it the corner, still and hidden. Yungling leaned in closer trying to discern a glimpse of his face. “Its no use came a heckled voice” Yungling spun round to find himself face to face with a bearded old mad peering out from a cage of his own. “What” “Its no use I said he has been dead for days” “And what makes you think that you might not suffer a similar fate old man” “haha death does not scare the likes of me wanderer, besides you did not come here to slay a man did you now” he beckoned towards the troll hide that Yungling wore. “Indeed this is true but you are not a man are you” Yungling leaned closer. “Perhaps you are smarter than you look wanderer” The old man grinned showing a row of razor sharp teeth”Fenris gave an affectionate growl. As the old man extended a thin arm to stroke her mane. “So wolf man how did you manage to get yourself captured by ogres and locked in the dungeons of Gu’Tanoth.” “I follow my own devices, my own business is my own” he looked down at fenris.”But come now it has been many long years since I have met a
hybrid” “It is clear that we are not common, but I too however would prefer not to discuss my origins.” Enough said I think, and with that Yunling severed the yuck hair bonds on the wooden bars and wrenched them from the alcove. “Yungling Half-Ogre” he proudly extended his hand “Bard Slayer” and they shook hands at the start of their travels. The three continued through the dungeon, Yungling actionably peering into the other alcoves but only ever to be greeted by shadow and the occasional withered body. “So much death is here…” “Yes the Ogres rarely fed me, he held his thin arm up in the air, Im sure my strength shall soon return to me though.” The chamber shrunk again into a thin tunnel. Not 20 yards had they passed when the path opened out again but now into a great shaft with the stench of death hanging in the air that made Bard wretch? A winding staircase carved in solid stone wound down into the bedrock of the citadel. Another path curved upwards over a bridge an into an archway high above. The Din of the Ogre tongue soon filled the air. “Get back” Yungling whispered as he pulled his companions back into the shadows. “Errr Wur we goin anyways Grit” “We goin to see da big boss I told ya’s alredy yu alf wit” “But wat bout dem hummie that the little runts fund in da tunnels Grip” “We got Snoks lot lookin fer im yu just go on up so dat big boss dun get angry and eat all them runtlets like he did las time.” “We ad ta carry ar own chompy meat fer weeks I rememba” “Yer an the las thin we need is dat apenin again, so shurup an keep walkin” The two Ogres disappeared into a side passage “grrr I would like nothin beter than to cut the bloated throats of those Ogre scum, but i digress, we must remain hidden until the time is right.” Yungling lead down into the depths of the citadel his determination not wavered by the worsening stench and distant vulgar voices of Ogres. Barely keeping up behind Fenris, Bard dragged himself along on his long unused legs. “Yungling, you have walked these tunnels before” he ventured. “Indeed I have wolf man” “What grudge then do you follow, your eyes tell of many horrors in your past” “My past is my own wolf man, ask me not of it again.” He said with some hostility. They came to a courtyard with a pool of dark water at the center at the foot of the shaft. Yungling walked over the roughly lain flagstone to the center and knelt down over the pool. “It is clean” he
beckoned to Bard who took to this with some great relief. He plunged his head into the water and drank long and deep. While Bard quenched his ravenous thirst Yungling looked around the room. Three wide hallways lead into the stone in three different directions. Yungling rubes the stubble on his chin as he stood at each in turn. “Ah that should stay the hand of death for a few days longer.” Yungling did not acknowledge this and ventured down one of the corridors. When a shout was hearted. “OI! Skrot I erm sumin duan ere” the voice came from down one of the tunnels. Yungling ran back to the courtyard. The air was a confusion of shuts and grunts. From all three passages great figures emerged. Turning to the stairs an even greater figure emerged. “Ehehehe” came the malice filled laugh of the ogre the called Skrot. He raised his arms with a great serrated iron chopper in the right. “The big boss will be pleased dies one as been a thorn in are side for a lung time, ehehe.” Yungling drew his granite knife, Fenris raised her back ready to rend ogre flesh and bard stood solemnlycrouched over the pool. Three great ogres rushed into the court yard. The first lunged at Yungling who dodged this clumsy blow with ease. He slid between the ogres legs on the damp floor, slicing at his ankle. The second came at him flailing a great chain.

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The third leaped at Fenris who effortlessly flew through the air meeting the throat of the ogre. Two more ogres came down the stairwell past Skrot as Yungling barely dodged a second blow from the heavy chain. One jumped towards the frenzied Fenris grabbing her tail, she bit its fat hand and it released its grip with a howl of pain. The other approached Bard along with his limping companion. The ogre smiled at the thought of feasting on the weakened old man. He moved in for the kill. Bard Slayers eyes glazed over with an animal spirit. His arms twisted and warped sprouting thick wolf hair. His legs bulged with the force of change. His face stretched back into his neck and he stood defiant. The Ogre had not time to flinch as his throat was torn clean out of his neck. Fenris flew from behind dragging down the wounded Ogre with here sharp fangs. Again the Ogre swung and missed with the great chain. With a mighty blow it struck the floor cracking the roughly hewn stone slabs, seeing his chance Yungling grabbed the chain pulled with a burst of might and the ogre fell onto his blade straight through its left eye. Enraged Skrot threw himself forward, slashing a path through the air with his Iron Blade. Charging at bard who fled towards the wall. With the utmost haste Bard leapt of the wall scoring a deep gash in Skrots left arm with his claws. Yungling sliced at his back but was thrown of balance by the counter attack. Fenris savaged his leg as he joined Yungling on the stone floor; griping the blade Yungling cut deep into the Ogres throat. Wiping his knife on the troll hide Yunling turned to Bard who laid on the floor a human once again. “You fought well but we have a long way ahead of us yet.” Bard rose with the help of Fenris. “The fight brings me strength”Bard uttered. He looks stronger than before. “However I can nay fight like that much, my body cannot take that much strain.” He picked up a staff wit two blades protruding from each side and secured it to his belt. “Come then you lead Yungling.” Yungling started again down the path that he had tried before, tailed closely by the other two. Deeper and deeper into the tunnel, the walls slowly became less defined and stalactites grazed the heads of Bard and Yungling. Soon hushed voices could be heard “ta cur, nek huroan” “Where is that comin from Yungling whispered” Bard looked onwards in a dull stared, then without warning his arm shot to the right and it retracted with a scared skavid in his grasp. The thing squirmed in a desperate effort to be free, but in vein, Bard grip was too strong “CURIN NOK” It squealed. “Do you understand it” Bard inquired. “Of course it called you a-” “In not so sure I want to know actually” “you there Ogre slave, why do you follow us” “Da tu car min” *the big boss would have rewarded me well for your capture* “Who is this big boss anyway” Bard asked with curiosity. “ah the big boss his story is a long one” Yungling sat down on a rock and the other two followed suit, Bard restraining the skavid with some rope. Long ago there existed no unified city of ogres, all across the wastes the various ogre clans would squabble and kill each other for things as petty as the rocks we sit on. Anyway between these many tribes there existed only one goal, dominance. The greatest warrior of each tribe became the chieftain and ruled supreme over his tribe. If another Ogre was to kill him then that ogre would inherit leadership in the clan. There did exist dominant tribes within this society, ones which held power over others. One such of these was the Grokrids. Their leader was the most savage brutal and merciless an ogre you ever could know, his strength was to even rival the mountain trolls of the north. Grom Man-Eater was his name, a suitable name really. As the years passed his tribe prospered and gained much land. In places his domain would stretch from coast to coast. As his kingdom grew so did the vastness of his armies, but Ogres are not best known for their loyalties. Time was that there were tribes large enough to rival Grom’s kingdom, but as mighty as they were none would risk a direct attack. They did however encourage disorder in the ranks of his armies, rumours of weakness. Soon much of his empire secretly doubted his right to rule. Many of his loyalist companions from his original clan were killed, by rebellious Ogre warriors. Soon a great rebellion kicked off and the ogre kingdoms were devulged into anarchy, brother fought brother and father fought son. The kingdom of Grom fell into pieces. One of the main leaders responsible was a mighty ogre chief by the name of Hurnok Skull-cruncher. Hurnok although a mighty warrior had never before challenged the rule of any other Ogre chief. With his small band of followers he had lived in relative comfort in the harsh western mountains bordering the troll caverns. The say that one night after the slaying of a particularly large troll they lost their leader. They searched in vein but after 3 days he returned to where he had last been seen and spoke the words: “Bruders we shall fight no mor fer this day we unite unda one banna for the glory of the Ogres, no more shall we wander the steppes but we shal settle on a great mountain that I have seen in a vision and kill all other creatures which plague our great land” and so he came down from the mountains to dominate the fighting. Hurnok was not like other Ogres after he had left his tribe. He fought not in the usual crushing smashing approach of a normal Ogre, but fought with skill and precision using his now more powerful mind. As Hurnok arrived in the Ogre kingdoms he found himself in a war zone. The trolls and giants came from the west, humans fled north, great wolves feasted on the flesh of the fallen, hundreds of small Ogre factions fought tirelessly, humans from far to the north marched down in an attempt to turn the fighting away from their walls. All was chaos…. The unpredictable rebel Ogre Skark hammer-fist drove a vast arm forward eager to join in the fighting, mighty ogre bezerkers hungry for flesh. Colonel Heming of Ardougne commanded the great armies of Yanille and his home town, elite knights and paladins of ardougne on horseback supported by the greatest mages of the grey tower. Hern of the mountain giants and his mighty warriors towered over the battlefield carrying clubs from the trunks of mighty redwood. Dragon of the mountain trolls (name is apparent if u have done stronghold quest) with a great army of mountain trolls. And in the middle of it all was Grom Man-eater with his last loyal comrades fighting to the bitter end. It was a battle that the land never forgot and I was there. Five great forces met there on the Cartalitic fields that day. The thunder of hooves drowned out the moans of the wounded as the men of Kandarin stormed south. Watching them vigilantly were the forces of hammer-fist, hungry for human flesh. 100s of angry trolls came marauding east killing all the humans which fled north before them. Dragon their hulking leader sprinted forward excited by the concept of battle. These two armies faced each other down, one with hatred and one with hunger. Ivory lances lowered, the charge ensued. Fire rained from the sky onto the trolls scolding a few of the weaker troll kin. Rocks were hurled from the arms of trolls as they came throwing many knights from their steeds. The knights crashed into the troll hoard skewering their front rank and tearing a path through the dense crowd. Most were knocked from their horses and rose to fight on foot. Hurn the mighty mountain giant called his towering army onto the field. Skark saw his foe and wasted no time in their charge. The sound of great barbed chains spiraling through the air descended on the scene. The fanatic ogre’s forces lashed at the legs of the giants ripping through flesh and bone alike. The Giants clubs swept through the ogres with such force that the flew away from the battle their bodies destroyed. Hern crushed his way towards the battle front surveying the battle field for miles around. Hurnok’s troops waited patiently on the far western ridge. As Hammer-hands Ogres suffered heavy losses they turned into a retreat. The giants feeling no need to pursue charged headlong into the troll flank. As soon as the giants had turned away the Ogres rallied and from their back ranks came an enormous ballista with a tree trunk loaded into its cross beam, driven by Hammer-fist himself. The Ogres charged into the giants backs cutting them down. Giants fell to the ground and the ground shook. Seeing an opportunity for escape Grom and his men turned away from the fighting and hastily traveled east. The giants were surrounded on both sides as they lashed out trying to stem the tide of both trolls and Trolls. Hern fighting valiantly did not see Dragon sweep under his legs with a pike staff. With a mighty slash Hern moaned in pain. Hern Grabbed Dragon and crushed his puny body as his last act because just at that moment Hammer-fist’s ballista let fly and the heavy bolt found its mark, skewering the Giant king. Hern fell crushing three paladins, and
Hammer-fist rushed forward with delightful malice hungry for the flesh of the human commander. Fire reigned from the sky on the approaching ogres as the mages cast their deadly spells; a crimson light bathed the field. Grom took a last solemn look at his kingdom, and sorrow filled his ruthless soul. He turned away but did not get far. Hurnok fell from the sky not two feet in front of him. Grining: “Only a coward would leave his kingdom for the squabbling wolves” “I will take it from you with the proper rights”Hurnok hefted his great stone war hammer and stepped back. “Come make your mark, fight for your rule” Hatred burned in Groms eyes and he charged with burning anger. With the utmost speed the great hammer flew through, guided by fate the air and the head of the Ogre chief was crushed with the greatest ease. Hemming slashed away at the enormous Ogre but with little success. With a swing of his chain Hammer-fist threw him to the floor. Closing in for the kill a maniacal ravenous grin spread across his bloody face. Just then a great ball of red energy rushed forward and incinerated the ogre beast. The great wizard distention stood over the fallen Colonel Heming. “Come Colonel our wor here today is complete” He pointed his scared hand at the hill where Hurnok stood brandishing the head of Grom., triumphant. Distention lifted Heming onto his horse and with a beam of light sent trolls and ogres flying opening a path to the north. The men made a swift retreat, and the trolls, ogres and giants locked in combat could not pursue. The battle raged for three more days and on the third day Hurnok left his camp on his hill a crushed the remaining fighters and made his decree to the remnants of the Ogre race that bowed to him without question. “No mur shall we Ogres fight umungst ourselves, we all you shall be part of a united society, folla me and my bruders now to the promise land, and I claim the lands of Feldip for the Ogres alone!” A great cheer was raised and so began their march. Five days they walked north. To a great mountain they came where Hurnok founded his city of Gu’Tanoth. In the subsequent years he sent out his ogres and enslaved the race of the Skavid, and captured or killed any humans that resided on the open steppes. His rule was complete. The skavid squirmed in his bonds. Yungling looked at its tortured face. “Well creature do you suffer in vein” “Very well” Skavid finally moaned in its native tongue. Bard looked down on it as well. “You will tell us what you know then creature” “Yes. All of us are not at ease today fer it be the day that Big Boss returnes from his long campaign in the west” “For many months he has been fighting the Troll Genral Wolf, he was forced to retreat with many losses a month ago after a counter attack on his camp by a joint attack of giants and trolls” “His manner of return is likely to not be great” They untied the skavid and it fled into the shadows. After ten more minuets of walking down the passageway the came to a great cavern filled with the shouts of Ogres. “Geta work ya lazy slakas” The crack whips droned out the sound of picks hitting stone. “This tunnel as ta be fininshed er ya dun get na fuud” The whip cracked again. Yungling could see a crowd of human and skavid slaves huddled around a pile of stone and an enclave in the solid stone wall. Yunglings fist tightened around his knife as he surveyed the guards and slavers bellow where he crouched. Just as they were about to attack a loud booming drum beat flooded into the chamber. The Ogres looked around in confusion. “hahahahahaa” Yungling laughed with glee. The Ogres saw his immediately and ran to attack “what are you doing Ogre man” bard franticly asked. “Troll drums Bard Slayer, Troll drums” Rolling to the side and spilling the Ogres gut Yungling dispatched the first ogre with ease. Bard, leaping under the other embedded his bladed staff in its back. They turned their attention to the slaves. Hey all looked very frightened and flinched when Yungling tried to speak. “Do not fear me your are slaves no more” Bard severed their chains and most ran recklessly into the nearest passageway; only the wounded remained, save one. Fenris looked this character up and down, an elf sat there on a pile of rubble clad in faded green dragon leather. “Why do you not flee like the others elf” “Because my bestranged benefactors I am not a fool” Screams of humans suddenly split the dull silence. The Elf strolled over to the body of one of the slain ogres and retrieved a perfectly carved yew longbow from its belt. He inspected it but found no sign of damage as the others looked on. “I am Salin of the west it is a plesure im sure” “Yours” Bard inquired pointing to the bow. “Aye from my kinsmen back home.” Leaning over again he retrieved a small and crude knife of iron. “This may prove of use” “Come now Salin we have not time to exchange petty conversation there are worse things than ogres about to stumble upon our presence”Concuring Salin started down one of the many tunnels leading from that cavern, and the three followed on. The path was well trodden and the tunnel broad, Yungling sensed that they were on the outer path that circumvented the entire city. Occasionally there would be a burning torch illuminating the gloomy passageways, though they met no opposition. The drums were louder now, and Yungling knew that attack would soon be upon them. Suddenly Salin darted into a side passage and in a spree to follow they found themselves in a small room with a fire burning at the center. “What are you doing” Bard demanded as Salin collected a log that the fire had not touched. Worry not friends Salin said casually and let back into the tunnel. Yungling leads them on further and further into the mountain and a great shout could be heard up ahead drowned out only by the ever louder drum beat. A great and long corridor with many turnings opened up on their left. “That is our road” Yungling beckoned down the great hall. “Now run!” Yungling Bellowed as he set into a sprint down the enormous tunnel. The others were fast to follow at a fast pace they bounded down the path. Behind them the drums grew louder than ever as hundreds of trolls poured into the gateway at their back. A token force of Ogre warriors stood their ground long spears poised. Two Ogres appeared ahead of them each swung manacled at the air as they came. Salin performed a leaping summersault leaving the first on its knees, and Fenris render the seconds arm before swiftly sprinting on. Stones flew through the air and Ogres were fighting back the trolls all around them. One rock flew strait above them and with a feigned vault Salin plucked it form the air. As he read Salin pulled out his Ogre knife and began chipping away at the stone he had received.

Bard watched him with intrigue. Ahead of a grouped of Ogre guards formed a barricade of pikes, staring intently past them at the oncoming Trolls. Before they were upon the pikes, the three curved into a side passage just in time. A cloud of rocks descended on the Ogres cursing amour and bone, and in its wake and enormous troll charged they don scattering the stoned and dashing the barricade. Yungling looked astonished. “Wolf comes for Hurnok, how foolish he is” noticed by Bard in the shadow of the doorway Salin sat. “What do you craft there Elf” After a few seconds without reply Bard asked again. “Well” as they moved on down the tunnel. Salin brandished a handful of flint tipped arrows well sharpened and perfectly strait. Yungling looked impressed. “Perhaps you will be an asset to our fellowship after my Elf friend” The sweat ran Yunglings face as he grew ever closer to his destination. Silently stalking the pathways he suddenly came to a stop at a junction of paths. “You three I cannot promise that if you come with me that we will all come out alive, That is the way out” he pointed left “I will understand If you wish to leave now” “I owe you my life and I will not let you lose yours alone” Bard proudly proclaimed. “I too shall not leave ye now, my honor demands that I stay” Fenris growled affectionately “Very well, so be it, this day we fight.” With decisive haste the four hurried down the tunnel to the left, not two minuets had passed when the ceiling rose once again. The vastest cavern of all in the city, great natural columns held the roof far above bathed in shadow. The entirety of that place was filled with the war cries, wounded screams and clash of weapons. All around them trolls and Ogres flooded Into the Inner sanctum, both sides fighting desperately towards the centre where a great stone carved throne stood. From the left charged a Bull Ogre frenzied and to the right three ugly trolls made an attack. The subtle hand notions of Yungling were clear to the others. Bard and Yungling faced down the Ogre whilst Salin and Fenris tempted the chase of the Trolls. Yungling threw himself at the bull Ogre, their knuckles linked in a battle of strength. Another two Ogres came at Bard with an agenda in their eyes. Fenris and Salin fled at full speed and as the gap grew Fenris darted at them and twisted past them, with this detraction Salin let fly two perfectly aimed flint arrows that found two troll necks. The bull Ogre leaned forward and in an attack of opportunity Yungling kicked up landing with his knife through its neck, and turned to the center. Bard swung at the Ogres but was out of reach, as he planed his attack a stray stone knocked him to the floor. Fenris bit at the ankle of the remaining troll and was shot as he kicked the wolf away. Bard slayers body twisted and contorted as he fought to save his own life, with his inner forces. Humie a particularly large troll set his eyes on Salin and moved onto his prey with ravenous malice. Bard circled his opponents low to the ground; a troll swung his club at the first from nowhere and stunned him, the other was buffed by a flurry of slashing blows in the confusion. Yungling saw what he had never imagined he would see the face of Skrop clad in chain mail and wielding a great mace over his thick skull. Overwhelmed by emotion he grabbed the hammer of a nearby troll and ran in a frenzied fury at the Ogre captain. The Ogre seemed quite amused as he saw a human half his size charging at him with a great hammer; how foolish was he. With the force of a thousand men Yungling leapt into the air and brought all his might to bear on the ogre’s body, he was crushed like a nutshell under a horses hoof. His grudge met Yunglings anger subsided and he returned to the task at hand. The ceiling shook bringing down rocks on the heads of unwitting trolls. From the three main passageways three enormous giants emerged crushing Ogres as they came. “So their alliance was true” Yungling murmured under his voice before returning to the fray. Humie slammed his axe at the flood injuring Salins arm as he hopelessly fired arrows at the Trolls great gut. Fenris took a dashing swipe at him but was tossed aside. “FIRE DA SHUUTAS” came a gruff ogre voice. Crude arrows rained down from nowhere flying at the Giant at the left gate, one flew downwards and was embedded in the back of Humie who fell dead by the stunned Salin. Rothtag charged into the inner sanctum with his three giant brothers, Champion of the giant race. The entire place was overrun with trolls and Ogres desperately fighting them back. The three companions met up near the central throne. They could clearly see Hurnok effortlessly bringing his war hammer to bear on any troll that dared approach him. “Steal yourselves!” The leapt out of the way and a giants club landed where they had stood. “You know what I must do” Yungling decreed. The others nodded and threw themselves at the giant. Salin fired an arrow at the giant’s head, but its thick hide showed no wound. A second shout form an anonymous Ogre heralded a second volley of arrows. The giant merely flayed his arms at this flying death as if it were a swarm of flies. His club came down again crushing an Ogre and stunning another which was quickly dispatched by trolls. This time Bard took his chance and leapt onto the club. He flew into the shadows in the ceiling. Wolf stormed past Yungling with duel sabers and carved a circle of death through the crowd.

As he reached Hurnok his speed increased but Hurnok grabbed his blade in mid-air and he was stopped instantaneously. Slightly dazed Wolf griped his other saber in two hands and swung, only to have his blow parried by the war hammer hilt. Again and again he threw blows, and again and again they were parried. Hurnok dodged to the left and Wolf fell forward only tobe crushed by the blow of the giant king. Hurnok grabbed a Javelin from the ground, dodged a few more club blows, then hurled it with inure force through his left nostril. The giant’s cannon ball sized eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell forwards, crushing all bellow. At that point Hurnok felt a cold knife draw across his throat and his throat bled. The shadows gave no clue to Salins presence as Fenris and Bard looked expectantly up whilst dodging the many blows thrown. And just as the Giant leaned back to throw his club down, the shadows stirred and like a bolt of lighting Salin flew down upon a stalactite. The giant was Skewerd and it fell onto the dusty ground with an almighty crash, Salin landing gracefully by the others. As the life left Hurnok he uttered “What manner of beast could kill on who has seen what I have seen…?” He caught a final glimpse of Yungling as he died. The roof shook as a third giant was dragged down by ogre blows. Behind Fenris a great slab of stone flattened a wave of attacking Trolls. “Come Yungling the place is comin down we must escape now” Bard bellowed. “Hurry on ahead, I wont be far behind” The did not question him and hurriedly fled through the nearest gate as a great crack tore its way through the roof. Seeing this Yungling hastily grabbed his knife and plunged it into the flesh on Hurnoks back, an awful sound of ripping muscle resounded as Yungling retrieved the Ogres shoulder blade. Finally he pulled the hilt off the hammer from its head and secured the two together with some rope. Yungling ran at a sprint, stalactites fell all around him. The door loomed closer and a tremendous crashing noise deafened all listeners; Yunling dived through the tunnel and looked behind to see nothing but screen. Yungling dashed down the tunnel the sweat pouring form his brow, dogging and weaving around corpses and falling debris. A light shone ahead of him he sprinted with all his might, a rock just skimming his head. At last daylight, Yungling lay on the earth struggling to regain his breath; he sat on one of the upper guard posts of the citadel. Yungling wiped his brow and surveyed his surroundings, the wind blew in from the west making his eyes water with the smoke it carried. He looked upon a desolate scene; the only movement was the flicker of flames mounted on torches. Turning to the north he saw the walls of a city far ahead, and bellows the vague figures of his friends through the smoke. He leaped down the mountainside jumping from ledge to ledge finally landing with a crunch on an old dead tree stump before his friends. “Your alive” Bard cried “And not without your prize I see” Salin pointed at the grizzly trophy he bore. Fenris growled with delight. “Aye my deed is done. There is nothing left for us in the Ogre lands anymore” he beckoned at the walls far north. “We head north, to the lands of men” The two day walk took its toll on the four and they walked into the inn at the town of Yannille most tired indeed. The men of Yanille watched them with caution and suspicion, but one man did not. He sat in the corner, under the shadows smoking from his pipe and watching with intrigue as they walked in. “Hey!” the bartender called “You cant bring that dog in ere” “Dog?!, this is Fenris the noble wolf and no man will speak to my friend in that way” Yungling drew his knife, and all the soldiers present drew their steel swords ready and eager for a fight with these foreigners. “Wait” came the voice of the man in the corner “Pay this rabble no heed” All the men returned to their drinks, their egos dented. “I am Lumbridge of Misthalia pleased to meet you” “Oh do not worry you have my welcome feel free to stay here tonight” “Thank thee kindly sir knight” Yungling said in a somewhat sarcastic tone. For Yungling did not view the men of the north in a pleasant light. After years of his tribe being trodden on in matters of trade and general social status, Yungling had inherited a natural dislike of these people. The four sat down at the table with Fenris sleeping comfortable before the fire. “So from whence do you three travel” “I am Yungling of the human tribes” “Human tribes you say, I was under the impression that the days of those people were long since over.” “Aye that they are; last of my people I am or so I believe” “I am Bard Slayer a that is all that you need to know” he proudly showed a row of razor sharp teeth. “And you?” The elf looked up from his flint stone rock, which he was carving into yet more arrowheads. “I my good man am Salin, Elf of Tirranwn” “Hm what an unlikely fellowship, and where is such a company headed on the morrow” “We head north, I wish to have the stench of Ogre plague me no more, at least for the time being” “You should be careful in these lands, not all people take kindly to foreigners these days as you have recently seen” “And why the great suspicions that lurk in these peoples thoughts” Sarim politely asked. “The peoples of kandarin are uneasy; many strange events have been unfolding of late. The recent passing of lord halgrave of Ardougne for one.” The three talked long into the night, the fire filing the room with the scent of wood smoke, lacing with the aromas of various ales in curiously large barrels. Lord Lumbridge woke up his head flat against the wooden table and groaned. Looking around he saw no-one. Standing up abruptly he wiped the dampness from his well trimmed beard, holding his head as he hastily departed. Rushing into the stables he lashed the saddle onto his horse leapt up and galloped out of the gatehouse. His hair danced in the wind as his mind strained to recollect the events of the night before, slipping into thought. Before he could consider this further his foot slipped out of the stirrup in a violent jolt bringing his concentration back to the task at hand. “I will find you yet”


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