The Death Penalty Should Be Upheld By The Government Because Countless Dollars Are Spent Holding Criminals In Jail Also Jails

The death penalty should be upheld by the government because countless dollars are spent holding criminals in jail. Also jails are more overpopulated than ever. What really annoys people is that these cold-hearted criminals are put on parole after only serving several years. Being against killing is okay, but putting a life to rest in order to save more lives makes more sense. Criminals live an easy life in prison, and they probably don’t think twice about their crime. First of all, people pay taxes for prisoners to live a healthy lifestyle. Criminals eat, sleep, and are even given an education.

All these excessive luxuries will be taken from most of the prisoners who deserve the death penalty. The death row cellmates will be put on a strict watch of what they do. When we get more prisoners on death row who will eventually die we will save money that we usually pay to keep prisoners in jail. People who are against the death penalty probably did not have someone close to them taken away by a murderer. The families and friends of victims have a right to justice. Seeing the horror one person or a couple can bring to many should send a message to the public that this should stop.

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Many people will agree that the death penalty is just. In addition the death penalty can lower crime. The way a criminal should be put to death should be taken into consideration. It should be determined by what they did to deserve the death penalty. The retaliation of the government on a criminal should be derived from “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” way of thinking. This issue should be debated after the death penalty is put into affect.

Recent views raise a new question on an “ancient” punishment. People killed their own kind since we were around; the reasons are the same since then too. Cold-blooded murders have always taken place because of jealousness, the beast in man, and greed. The law should be laid down to keep people in line and from destructing everything that is good. The death penalty is not an evil punishment; it’s the person who committed such a crime who deserves the death penalty.


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