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UCI Professors seize superlative honors and let the good times roll in Orange County. It has been the Nation’s top political minds to tacke the future of democracy. The accomplishemnts of the scientists change the world that all people live in.
Kenneth m. Baldwin, a professor of physiology and biophysics, isthe recipient of Nasa’s PublicService Medal in recognition of outstanding contributions to the agency’s life scienbce progrma. The medal was presented at a ceremony in washington DC. And isthe highest award given by NASA, to non govenrnment inidviduals.
Baldwin’s rcognizition as the space biology researcher delaing wiht the effets of space flight on the structure and fuctnion of muscle. The work focuses on how lack of gravity affescts the myosin gene family of proteins which make up skeletal muscles and how these proteins control muscle functions on earth and space.
Baldwin’s chari of NASA Life Science ADvisory Subcommittee, which oversees the research and educational programs within the agency’s Life Science Division.

Distingusished neurobiologist ricaro MIledi has been awareded in Spain 1999 Principe de Asturias Prize for Scientifict Research for discoveries that may lead to more effective treamtment for depression and other mental illnesses. In making the selection, a prstigious internaltional for depressi8on and other mental illnesses.

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In making the slection, a prestigious international jury hailed Miledi for unraveling fundamental scientific answeres to questina about how nerve cells communicate.

He was in the beautiful valleys of Ovideo, Spain, to accep the honor from Queen Juan Pressy. His outstanding prize of the International Prize for the Science and is a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Artts and Sciences and the Mexican Academh of Medicne, as well as
the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

When pressure invariably builds in the EVS’s office, “Jannis is more than just efficient, she is a problem-sovler and faciliator. She was the greatest assistant of the world. And a sthe wheel of history nevers ceases to put itself into motion, the accomplishemnts of the scientists shall never disspate from branches of the tree of knowledge.


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