The Benefits Of The Holocaust For The Jews

The Benefits Of The Holocaust For The Jews The Benefits of the Holocaust for the Jews The Holocaust and the murder of approximately 6 million Jews by the Nazi Germany during World War II was and is till now one of the few genocide attempts, which were precisely organized and planned for total annihilation of the Jews. Many other plans such as this one were attempted before, taking as an example by Alexander the Great, but first: the idea never occurred to Alexanders mind. Why? Because the technology of his time did not make such a thought conceivable (Cargas, 132). So, ethnic violence has not been uncommon in world history, but the Holocaust stands out as the only systematic effort by a modern government to destroy an entire people. Not only Jews were killed by the Nazis but also Slavs, Gypsies, Polish intelligentsia, resistance fighters from all the nations, German opponents of Nazism, homosexuals, Habitual criminals, and the anti-social such as beggars, vagrants, and hawkers.

Every Jewish community in occupied Europe suffered losses during the Holocaust solely because of the fanatic Nazi belief that they were the carriers of a genetic inheritance that threatened German and Christian values. But how was Adolf Hitler able to convince the German population of his fanatic ideas, how did all this started, and who is responsible for the Holocaust? Hostility between Christians and Jews is ancient, but the anti-Semitic bias was [increasing] everywhere in Germany before and especially after the First World War(Cargas, 16). In the late 19th century many Germans came to see the Jew as the symbol of all they feared: the big city, international finance, secularism, big business, liberalism, and the erosion of traditional ways of life. German nationalism, which was conservative and ethnic, intensified the hostility toward Jews, who were not thought to be part of the German Volk. After World War I, when Germany faced political and economic crisis including the raging inflation and the great depression of the 1930s, the Nazi party became the leading German anti-Semitic movement.

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Lucy S. Dawidowicz, in her 1975 definitive book, The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945, states that in the years of 1907 to 1910 [ ], anti-Semitic organizations proliferated, anti-Semitic writing and propaganda poured forth in an unending stream (Cargas, 16). By the outbreak of World War II, Jews were being excluded from public life, forced to surrender their property, and also boycotted, beaten, imprisoned, and sometimes killed. The idea of the Final Solution (Endloesung) began as the German armies moved to the East. While thousands of Jews were murdered by the Nazis or died as a direct result of discriminatory measures instituted against Jews during the years of the Third Reich, the systematic murder of Jews did not begin until the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. The term Final Solution refers to Germanys plan to murder all the Jews of Europe.

Special units began the mass shootings that killed two million Jews, others were driven into ghettos in Polish cities and kept there waiting for their transportation to death camps . Other Jews were killed immediately in gas chambers, their bodies were cremated after their gold teeth, hair, and clothes were taken off. It all began with Hitlers appearance on the scene. Drastic steps against the Jews were taken within a matter of days after he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. But the development and execution of the Final Solution under Adolf Eichmann and his fellow executioners came many years later.

Consequently, the nagging question remains and recurs: could not the other nations of the earth have done much more than they did to prevent the murder of 6 million Jews? (Cargas, 18). First of all there is the question of how much knowledge the outside world was permitted to obtain. Once the war began, obtaining information became difficult, but reports, nonetheless, were published regarding the fate of the Jews. Thus, although the Nazis did not publicize the Final Solution, less than one year after the systematic murder of the Jews was started, details began to reach the West. While these details were neither complete nor wholly accurate, the Allies were aware of most of what the Germans had done to the Jews at a relatively early date.

The response of the Allies to the persecution and destruction of European Jewry was inadequate. Only in January 1944 was an agency, the War Refugee Board, established for the express purpose of saving the victims of Nazi persecution (Cargas, 18). But the Allies refused to bomb the death camp of Auschwitz or the railway lines leading to the camp, despite the fact that Allied bombers were at that time engaged in bombing factories near the camp and were well aware of its existence. Moreover, in every country the Germans occupied, with the exception of Denmark and Bulgaria, the Nazis found many locals willing to cooperate fully in the murder of Jews. Despite the difficult conditions to which Jews were subjected, many engaged in armed resistance against the Nazis.

There is always the problem of responsibility; Who is to be held accountable? How widely must the net of accountability be spread? It includes Hitler. It includes Eichmann. Does it include the guards in the camps, the good Germans, who only followed orders? Does it include those who knew what was going on and chose to remain silent? Does it include those who feared what was going on and took special pains not to find out? Does it include the Allied high command who, when told what was going on in Auschwitz, still would not give the order to bomb the railroad tracks leading to the death camp? (Cargas, 84). These questions of responsibility are a major cause for the feeling of guilt that non-Jews have since then. The Holocaust is said to be the main reason for two different but related phenomenon: First, the growing rage within the Jews of the need to have a homeland of their own. The second: the feeling of guilt and sympathy under which many countries were suffering was one of the main reasons why they helped the Jews create a homeland.

Elie Wiesel wrote in one of his novels Dawn, no longer can the Jews simply be the passive victims of historical fate. They must seize their fate in their own hands [ ] go to Palestine with the guerrilla forces and engage in whatever terrorist activities are necessary to drive out the British and ensure the Establishment of a Jewish State (Cargas, 87). So, one could see that there is a direct connection between the Holocaust and the creation of Israel. It is simply impossible to deny the fact that the war ended in 1945 and only three years later the state was declared said professor Yisrael Gutman, Yad Vashems Chief Historian (Chalfen, 2). Other scholars believe that the Israeli state emerged in response to age-old aspirations toward a return to Zion rooted deep inside every Jew, and came at a moment of history when the Jewish people were under a threat of extinction, when the doors of Christian nations were for the most part closed to them (Cargas, 106). There are other scholars, who see the Holocaust as the main reason for the slowing down of the creation of the State of Israel.

Professor Yehuda Bauer, Head of the International Center of Holocaust Studies, believes that, contrary to conventional wisdom on the subject, the Holocaust almost prevented the establishment of the state (Chalfen, 1). He explains this by saying that during the Holocaust many Jews were executed, and that this decrease in the number of Jews could have stopped the creation of Israel. But then Bauer concludes that the Holocaust itself did not cause the creation of the state of Israel, rather the impact of the Holocaust did. He said that the result of the Holocaust was murder but the result of escaping this process was the creation of the state (Chalfen, 1). What other positive results could be directly related to the Holocaust? At the same time with Germanys great losses of the war and its division that had deep impact on the Germans, the Jews (mainly survivors of the Holocaust) were on their way to creating their own country.

The created state -which is sometimes seen as a result of the guilty conscious that the western countries were trying to get rid of- had relations with the Federal Republic based on the background of the Hitler regimes extermination of the European Jews during World War II. This kind of relation had a strong psychological effect on both; Germans and Jews, whic …


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