The Australian Outback can be a serious lifestyle

change for city people. The Natives living in Alice Springs make visitors feel very welcome. Alice Springs is located
in the Northern Territory State of Australia. Alice Springs is a small town in the Outback,
which is very dry and has desert like surroundings.

The Outback is behind times from the modern world, activities are very limited,
for example, television is only on four hours a day and the park is miles away from the
town. Most of the time children have to make up games or use their imagination to
entertain themselves. They are far behind the modern world but the locals have a very
different opinion; they see themselves as simple but happy people; they work hard for
what they have, and in their opinion, modernization is not needed and does nothing but
clutter the mind.

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The economic situation is very poor. Education plays a major role in their
economics; their is not a great deal of money coming to the town so education is usually
one to two years behind the United States.
The natives of Alice Springs are different from normal Americans. Their attitude
is things will get done when they get done and there is no rush. Some would say
that reminds them of an old southern style person. They make visitors feel welcome and
treat them as if you were one of them. One of the biggest differences between most
Americans and people form the Outback is they tend to not judge people. They accept
people for what they are and dont stereotype.
The main source of income for Australians is sheep herding. Large herds of sheep
are so close to the Alice which causes a very bad odor. The odor of sheep is much worse
than a paper mill or sewage company. At times, the odor can cause people to become ill.
Native Australians never understood why the odor bothered so many visitors. The odor
became worse with the summer months, during December the average temperatures
would range between the 90s -125 which made the odor unbearable.

The Outback is where a great majority of Aboriginals live. The Aboriginals are not
considered locals of Alice Springs. Aboriginals have a very different culture; they have
their own language that few can understand. They usually do not associate with other
people outside of their culture. They have not changed their lifestyle in hundreds of years.
They live and eat off the land. Most Aboriginals do not fully cloth themselves. Aboriginals
take baths when it rains or when there is a flood. Aboriginal culture are people we know
little about. There has never been a great deal of information about them; they do not let
non-Aboriginials see how they live. For the most part Aboriginals keep to themselves
and are looked upon as nice people although distant. At night when most people are
home or in bed, people could hear the distance sounds of chants and songs sung by the

The Outback of Australia can seem like a very unmodernized place to most
people. It can be very relaxing, calm and a safe place. To visitors, Australians seem like
the most laid back and friendly group of people. If some Americans could slow down and
take life day-by-day, perhaps they would be as happy as the people from the Outback.


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