Tale Of Two Cities Comparison Of Charles And Sydney

Tale Of Two Cities Comparison Of Charles And Sydney Charles and Sydney Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton, two charachters in A Tale of Two Cities, have a few similarities and a few differences. One for example is the striking resemblance of the two gentlemen. In Book II chapter 4, Charles is on trial for treason, but is aquitted partly because of his likeness of Sydney. Another similarity is the great admiration of Lucie Manette. Charles, in Book II chapter 10, makes his intentions known by concenting with her father about the subject. Sydney, in Book II chapter 13, on the other hand, tries an approach much ahead of his time, and speaks with her alone, before talking with her father.

This display could be labeled as a difference, because of the different procedures used. Another way that Sydney is different from Charles is the intensity with which he tries to win Lucie’s heart. Sydney, even after realizing what her intentions are, is still willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her, his own life. Charles, in this book, expresses himself so emotionally, except in time of personal crisis. As we find out later, Sydney does make the ultimate sacrifice, giving his own life to save what meant the most to Lucie, the life of Charles (Book III chapter 15).

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