The Taiga
The taiga is the far northern coniferous forest of Siberia and by extension of Eurasia and America, extending to the northern limit of trees. Its winters are long and freezing, but the summers are short and humid.

The materials that I used were; cocoa bursts, plain white paper, paper bags, pieces of leaves from my backyard, fake plastic trees, oil pastels, fake moss, cotton, green foam, and a sun from a belt buckle. In the background I have cotton representing clouds, a sun, and oil pastels as the color of the sky. For the mountains I put crushed cocoa bursts as rocks, and white out on the top of them like snow, the two big mountains are made of paper bags but the smaller ones are made of plain paper. In the tree area I put leaves from my backyard and substituted them as if they were trees. I also put fake trees from a cake. Around the river I put fake moss, colored it with oil pastels, and I also put green foam to hold some trees.
1.What is the TEMPERATURE RANGE? The average temperature range is -10C – 15C (14F-59F).

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2.What is the AVERAGE YEARLY PRECIPITATION? A taiga’s average yearly precipitation is about 40-61 cm.

3. What are the SOIL CHARACTERISICS? The soil characteristics are that the soil is acidic because of the trees containing acid substance.
4.What kind of VEGETATION IS COMMON? Mosses, lichens, and conifers are the kinds of vegetation there.
5.What kind of ANIMALS LIVE THERE? Birds, lynxes, moose, bears, elk, wolves, and rabbits live there.


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