.. bling or tripping can be very dangerous. Its a tradition for the grooms to carry their brides over the threshold of their new home because it is a sign that he or she will forget his or her cue or lines. Stage people never say good luck because that would mean bad luck. Instead they say break a leg for good luck.

Yawning and sneezing are also things that are very risky. People thought that yawning was caused by the devil whose favorite way of getting into the body was through the mouth. It was once thought that the breath was the soul and by sneezing it could escape the body. Therefore, people say God bless you, or health to protect that person that sneezed. Sneezing was once the fashion in Europe during the 1600s.

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Men would inhale a little bit of ground-up tobacco through their nostrils to be able to sneeze because it was supposed to clear the head. They kept their souls by wishing each other Gesundheit. There is an old rhyme that tells us what days are safe to sneeze and which ones are not: Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger; Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger; Sneeze on Wednesday, get a letter; Sneeze on Thursday, something better; Sneeze on Friday, sneeze for sorrow; Sneeze on Saturday, see your true love tomorrow; Sneeze on Sunday, your safety seek; Or the devil will have you the rest of the week. Friends and enemies are something very meaningful. Never say goodbye to a friend over a bridge because you will never see each other again.

Never let an object come between you and a friend while walking together because you will have a quarrel. When three friends are photographed together, the one in the middle will be the first to die. You must always beware of people who never cry because a witch can cry only three tears from the left eye. People who look into their cup while drinking are thieves. Next come the children, babies in specific.

A newborn should be held in the arms of the maiden before anyone else. At birth, an infant should be brushed with a rabbits foot because it will avert the possibility of an accident to the child. To rock a cradle with the baby not in it is to prognosticate its death. When the kids get older, they go to school. When going to school, they should never step on the last crack before you go in or you would fail lessons that day.

You should always take a test with the same pencil you used for studying because the pencil will remember the answers. If people were counted, it would put the life of one of them in danger. Instead, you should always count the number of shoes and divide by two. Money is an item that should never be taken for granted. For that reason, take the first money you get each day, kiss it, spit on it, and put it an empty pocket where it will draw more.

Touch your money at the sight of a new moon and as moon grows, so will your fortune. Never refuse to give a beggar money, at least a penny, or the beggars misfortune will fall on you or a loved one. If you want to keep your money from being stolen, wash it in rainwater. V. Animals Animals may bring good or back luck.

Dont stand next to a dog during a thunderstorm because they attract lightning. It is good luck if a strange ca t visits your home, but bad luck if it stays. It is also ill luck to have your picture taken with a cat. It is also unlucky to meet a white horse at midday or midnight. In order to protect yourself from harm, you should carry a horses hair in your right hand all day long.

It is a sign of good fortune if a ladybug lands on a persons hand or dress, but it must not be brushed off, it must fly away on its own. The deeper the ladybugs color or the more spots, the better the luck. Of course, cat superstitions are one thing everybody knows. Everyone knows that it is bad luck for a black cat to cross your path. On the other hand, in England black cats are considered lucky and white cats are feared.

Cats are looked upon as supernatural creatures because people think they have nine lives. The truth is that they have a very flexible spine and are less likely to get hurt in falls or accidents. VI. Sports Many people love sports and there are a few things they can do for good luck. Tennis players shouldnt hold three balls in one hand while serving or it will bring bad luck. Golfers should only tee off when the ball is placed with trade name or number up or the hole will be lost. Basketball players believe that if you make the last basket during warm-ups, you will do well in the game but others think that you will not do good in a game if you make the last basket.

People who fish dont count the number of fish they have caught because they dont catch anymore. Baseball, out of the many sports, has the most superstitions. Players should stand in the batters box for good luck because spirits cannot hurt you if you are standing in a circle and this comes from the days when the sun was worshipped. They will also spit on the end of a bat or stick a piece of gum on the lower end of the bat for good luck. A ballplayer coming off the field should always lay his glove in the same place for luck in hitting.

There are many more but these are some of the most important ones. VII. Dates Holidays, New Years in specific, have many superstitions. On New Years Eve when the clock strikes twelve midnight, people say what you are doing is very influential for the new year. Thus, you will find people walking up and down the street with a piece of luggage so their year brings traveling.

One tradition that is very popular is the eating of twelve grapes. This is to ensure good luck for each of the twelve months in the upcoming year. There are many things that will be lucky or unlucky, depending on the day that you do them. Friday the 13th is very known. It is unlucky because just Fridays are supposed to be unlucky and that plus the number 13, the unluckiest number of them all, make it even worse. For Saturday, it is the worse day to hire someone because they will not stay long. Thursdays are supposed to have one lucky hour, the hour before the sunrises.

There are some unlucky and lucky numbers. Three is considered one of the most luckiest numbers because many things come in threes. For instance, time is divided into past, present and future. A day is divided into morning, noon, and night. And as for the primary colors there are three: red, yellow, and blue.

Even numbers are in general unlucky. All the odd numbers under ten are lucky. However, the number thirteen is said to have very bad luck, but there are some good things connected with it. The U.S flag has thirteen stripes and there are thirteen doughnuts, rolls, or cookies in a bakers dozen. Superstitions have been for a very long time. They can help us move safely through life if we listen to them.

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